Friday Fun!

See. I told you!

It’s another Friday and another weekend is all bright and shiny ahead of us! We are also t-minus one week out from bringing Pearl home.  Also, my nephews birthday is tomorrow and the celebrating continues! We had his birthday party this week in the smoldering South Texas heat but none of the kids seemed to notice.  They might have noticed me throwing up off the side of the carousel if I’d had to take one more ride, though.  Tight turns and high speeds add up to trouble for people over a certain age.  Like 5.

Oh, and my birthday is Monday, but that’s not exciting anymore. And I’m not saying that to get an “aw, that’s not true, let’s celebrate” reaction.  But I’m always accepting of gifts so feel free.  🙂

There’s really not much else to say today because I’m just ready to get to the weekend and a nice glass of wine.  Is that bad? (Don’t answer that if you’re answer isn’t “of course not!”)  Have a great weekend everyone! More pics of Pearl to come and maybe a few birthday obligatory celebratory pics, too.


Fuel for Your Monday Tank

How was your weekend?  Mine was really good. Except for when I woke up Saturday morning and had to sit at the vet with Winnie for 1 1/2 hours because she was gnawing on her paw again.  Poor lil’ Punkin….I think she’s allergic to her hands.  (See here.)

Anyway, after our bonding session I did all of nothing but hang with the Mommies (Moo’s new name…because she’s going to be one!) and Poops.  We hit up La Cantera and did some light window shopping and actually resisted the temptation to buy anything. Miracle. In. Itself.

So I was just wondering if you guys were having as difficult a time as I was acknowledging that the weekend is over. If you are…let this little gem of a site make you smile, giggle, and pass the hours.  Three and counting.

You’ll enjoy very obvious Seinfeld-esque humor as described here:


Have a great day and enjoy!