#TBT and The Fall.

So…here’s my attempt at a redo for this post. After being about 2/3 finished, I was an idiot and hit the back button on my browser. And there went my entire post. Since then, I’ve had a Diet Cherry Coke and have decided to try again. Here goes nothing. And pictures.

Sitting on the couch last night aching from a tremendous workout that morning I remembered that I had never actually blogged about our mini-moon we took to West Texas right after the wedding.  I believe I was thinking about this because typing seemed to be the only movement that didn’t hurt.

Since we got married March 14th, which was the middle of Spring Break for us Texans and the rest of the world, Husband and I decided not to head out on a big honeymoon right away so as to avoid outrageous prices and people. Not that we don’t both enjoy some amazing people watching, but we just weren’t really into an MTV sponsored honeymoon.

Side note: who else misses MTV Spring Break?? The. Best. Trash. I remember LOVING when that would be the only thing on their channel for about 3 weeks straight. Or was it a month?  Or does anyone on that channel really even work ever? (I would have made an incredible VJ.)

Anyway, throwing out all advice from our friends and family who had already walked down the aisle and said we’d be exhausted, we decided that a 5 hour drive the morning after the wedding would be a piece of cake. Turns out everyone is actually right!  But despite feet that burned like I was walking on coals, knots in my hair, and a bread crumb trail of bobby pins falling from my head, we got on the road.  On the wings of adrenaline and Whataburger taquitos we made it safely to Marfa, Texas. Seriously, one of the coolest places on earth.

Something you should know about small towns: they’re closed Monday–Wednesday for the most part. I don’t know if everyone is sleeping, cropping, or tending to the cattle but I believe that their little city councils get together and decide “Hey Tom, you’re going to be our Monday breakfast restaurant, Jill, you’re on for Tuesday, and Bobby, you get Wednesdays.” And literally decide that for every meal. Probably so that you can visit with everyone over coffee, diet coke, tea, or whiskey for each meal without having to try to hard. Because also, cell phones don’t work. It’s sort of genius, actually. It’s like a cattle drive for people and socializing. And local business profit margins.  Until Thursday when everything opens like a festival and everyone’s happy and singing Coca Cola commercials in the streets! And then Sunday evening everything shuts down and we begin again.

That being said, it was a wonderful challenge as an event planner to plan our Sunday–Tuesday trip around these hours.  We made it and we ate and found drinks, don’t worry.  However, since so many things were not open we were forced to find some adventures of our own.  Which tallied us up to about 10 hours of driving in the beautiful West Texas countryside over the course of the next few days. We saw almost every town in West Texas and had lots of conversation and laughs along the way leading us to believe that marriage isn’t so hard, y’all!  😉  Unless your iPhone maps stops working. Then things could get dicey.

Here are a few of the gems we found on our day trips:pradaNope, not a real store but a very cool art installation stocked with merchandise from the designer line. Prada Marfa is definitely something to drive out and see and you can read more intelligent things about it here.  And while we were there, this happened:

initialsIt didn’t really. We found it. And yep, those are my new initials (sort of). But I didn’t do this because I’d never.  Ironically, we did find that Husband had been doing some of his own tagging.  We’re all over Marfa, baby.

sterling initialsOne of my most favorite bar/restaurants in the town is called Planet Marfa. It’s run by some folks from our hometown, oddly enough, and is truly a sight to be seen. Great people, great drinks and food, and great people watching including artists, hipsters, posers, and cowboys coming off the ranch. And yes, that’s a teepee with a fire pit inside.  You should see the actual school bus on the other side of the joint, coincidentally with a working (and loud) horn.

teepeeAfter we wrapped up in Marfa, we drove about an hour to stay in Marathon, home of the Gage Hotel and the nearest point of civilization to Big Bend National Park. For those of you wondering, Big Bend is beautiful, very big, and very bend-y. And I may or may not have slept through about 2 hours of the drive across it because sunshine, plus Jerry Jeff Walker on repeat, plus winding roads equals snooze.  Also, JJW has been banned in our household for probably the next year because of the lack of CD options (who has these anymore?) and the lack of satellite radio connectivity for said drive through the park.  You really can only hear “Up Against the Wall Redneck Mother” so many times before it starts to do something to a person.

Because we’re cool, and made friends in high places at dinner, and I was on sabbatical still, we decided to extend our stay in Marathon another night. We just hadn’t hit all of the open spots yet, y’all, and I was real curious as to what happens on Wednesdays in Marathon.  Like, were people going to start cranking up? Do the blinds go up on all the stores and birds chirp louder? Are there really multiple lunch options? Burning questions.

I gotta tell ya, it’s a good thing we did stay. Because Monday night was the night of The Fall. And I’m not sure we could have hopped back in the car together so quickly afterwards.

Have you seen that commercial that I suddenly can’t remember what for, where the husband and wife hear the Dirty Dancing song and joke about her running to him for the lift? And then she does and he’s not expecting it? And they Chris Farley the table? And she explains that she came in too hot?

That was ripped off from us on our mini-moon.

I kid you not, having many a cocktail at the White Buffalo Bar, enduring the monsoon going on outside and contemplating the quickest and driest way to get back to our room, the following took place.

Husband and I start running down the sidewalk (me in new, precious, light-colored Tory Burch wedges and white jeans–I’m painting a picture for the ladies) we get to the gravel/dirt road that is puddled with mud.  My new husband, trying to be the chivalrous man that he really actually is (no lie), says to me “hop on my back, I don’t want you to RUIN YOUR SHOES.” Which is enough to make any woman swoon because shoes are our love language. (And jewelry, and perfume, and handbags–if anyone important is reading.)

I’d like to preface this with, this is something he has done for me before. It’s not a heavy thing, it’s not a he’s not strong enough thing, it was sheer stupids with too many martinis in them.

So he says to hop on his back and without counting (my mistake) I did. And we went down like Clark Griswold on a ladder, folks. Backwards. On top of me, directly on my bracing wrist. In my white jeans and cute wedges. In the pouring rain and dirty mud. That looked like poop on my pants the next day. (Praise God for Oxyclean.)

Well let’s just say that a lot of sobbing ensued. I thought I had broken my wrist, and there was a stomping of sorts about 6 feet in front of him all the way back to the room as he tried desperately not to laugh as hard as he wanted to and some drunken attitude coming from me. (My family will read this as “TONS OF ATTITUDE AND LOOK OUT”, which is a fair assumption.)

The next day I woke up with a purple hand, Husband wanting to take me to the ER, and realistically only a really bad case of severely bruised ego.  My hand ended up fine and we have a great story from the mini-moon for the future kids. The next day when tempers had cooled, of course. ‘Cause it wasn’t funny in the moment. To me.

Unfortunately, I have no pictures of this event for you as that clearly might have led to divorce at the time of the incident.  However, here are a few other fun collages of places we went and landscapes we saw. If you ever have a chance to head out west, do it.  You won’t regret it. Unless of course, you come in too hot.

Marfa 2  Marfa1

Also…I’d like to go on record saying that the second post was WAY better than the first.  #winning


Best headline yet…

I am sometimes so seriously envious of news writers. Not always, because a lot of the time the news can be a snooze-fest or really sad, but today in particular I am jealous.

And here’s why.

MSN headline on the homepage: “Oklahoma man pleads guilty in deadly ‘atomic wedgie’ case.”

I think I could stop there, but you have to click the link and read this article. Allegedly drunk, this guy gives his stepdad an atomic wedgie because he said something unsavory about the guys mom. And it kills the stepdad.

An atomic wedgie, if you don’t recall from junior high vernacular, is when you pull someones underwear from the back, over their head, and tuck it under their chin.

Apparently there was some built up aggression and issues that had not been worked out either with a therapist or school counselor. And it’s a great life lesson to learn, kids: talk about your problems before you give someone a deadly wedgie. Even Daniel the Tiger has a song about it. Or frustration. Or something. I’m not sure because it drives me nuts to hear it.

What I mean is, if you’re lucky enough to be paid for writing articles about atomic wedgies, you’ve pretty much hit the jackpot. And perhaps a career high.  And I’m not sure how you really ever come back from that.  What do you get next? A live report on slam books and behind the gym smooches?  This is fast-acting news, folks.

In other news, I am back at work and back to reality.  And I have to say that I do feel rested and refreshed and very thankful to my company for the opportunity to get away for a while.

And maybe like the minor issues that used to leave me talking to myself my computer screen might not get to me in the same ways now that I’ve had a timeout from everything.

At least I hope so. Because the last thing anyone needs is to wind up in HR or jail because of a deadly noogie.

Island Time, Mon

And Happy Cinco de Mayo!! Currently, this is my view:

I’m on a little last hurrah beach trip with my parents because, sob, my sabbatical ends Monday. Husband is at home holding down the fort and feeding the dog, bless him. I’m sure he’s ready for my faux summer to end.

Probably all of you are thinking, “hmm, sabbatical is almost over and we’ve gotten about 6 (maybe) blog posts out of it.” To which I see your point since originally that was the purpose of my time off.

I’ll share with you the following things I have also spent my time doing:

  • Organizing all new gift items and finding room for them in our home (which also meant going through every cabinet and drawer to get rid of the old stuff)
  • Writing ALL thank you notes. That’s right, I’m up to date now
  • Re-doing our bedroom (new bedding, art, etc) pics to follow
  • Painting my kitchen chairs AND recovering the seats myself. If you have never used a staple gun you just haven’t lived. 
  • Painting my drawers in our bedroom–this was a daunting task. Mostly because I used a “one coat paint” which ended up needing 4. 
  • Changed my name….on EVERYTHING. I know I’m not the first to do this but good NIGHT you put your name on a lot of things.

So, as you can see I haven’t been slacking, but rather nesting and getting our new life in one home set up. Hopefully no one (read: my employer) can fault me for a slight change of focus during my time off. I’ve been pretty productive, just not online.

I have really enjoyed getting back into the blog and will definitely try to keep my focus and continue posting. (Applause heard round the world.) And I do still hope to possibly write more in the future…and a book is still not out of the question. I’m sure all of you agree and you just can’t get enough of this blog and much like “Entourage” are hoping for a full-length version in the near future. 

On that note, back to the beach and my third cup of coffee at 10am where the hardest decision is what to eat for lunch. I’ll leave with you a pic of the newly painted furniture. Unfortunately I didn’t have the forethought to take a picture before I painted it. Clearly my brain is still on sabbatical…and hopefully it gets the memo on Monday.


Sabbatical Hobbies

I’m working on a honeymoon recap and some pics to share of the fabulous resort where we stayed to share with you later today. 

But in the mean time I needed to brighten up the house and exercise some creativity. 



…this happened! I love the perkiness and happy that comes with fresh flowers. I also love the challenge of what to use and where to put it. 

I promise I’ll stop procrastinating here in a minute and get you that story though! 

Unless I find more flowers…

Starting off the Week Right

Hey there! (I’m still probably only talking to my dad, who was the first only person to comment on my post yesterday about 5 minutes after I posted it. You’ve GOT to love a fan. Especially him!)

Anyway, so that you don’t think that I’m just patch-working a post today to have posted something (you’ll never know the truth) I have to tell you that I’ve been taking notes and collecting different posts I want to include over the next few weeks to catalog everything that’s been going on lately.  In the near future (perhaps tomorrow) I may be the person at the chic coffee shop that you look at and wonder “How does she make a living? I mean, surely she’s not making a cent sitting in this coffee shop typing on her blog.”  I’m here to tell you that for the next 8 weeks, I am.  #sorryimnotsorry

Like I mentioned yesterday, getting back to writing is what I’m trying to focus on during my sabbatical from work. I believe I’ve mentioned in a few posts over the years that I love to write and would actually love to write a book one day.  You probably wouldn’t believe it given the fact that I think I’ve posted on this blog now 4 times in the last 2 years in addition to the fact that most of my posts are me regurgitating pop news and giving my completely unsolicited opinion about it. If that doesn’t immediately transfer to NY Times Bestseller in your head, well we just don’t know each other.

My point is…I’m trying to get some good material organized to share with you guys, so in the meantime I’ll leave you with some classic random thoughts. You don’t have to thank me. You do have to check back regularly, follow the blog, and comment on posts. Kidding. (It would be really nice though.)

  • Rob Kardashian’s Twitter account. Ok, ALLEGEDLY he was hacked. Why is this a big deal, you ask? Read here. He basically is calling his sister a psycho on Twitter. Ouch. Truly…I can’t tell if this is real or if someone punked him.
  • Candice Bergen has gained 30 lbs and is thrilled about it. Good for you, girl. So long as a heart attack and diabetes don’t come a-knockin, you keep on keepin’ on.
  • Are you watching The Royals on E! ? Jury is still out for me…but I can see myself getting sucked in.
  • House of Cards. If you’re not watching, you need to get real. If you don’t have Netflix, we should probably just stop our relationship here.
  • Proposals in the air? I just saw a video of an Alaskan Airlines pilot proposing to his flight attendant in-flight. That’s just pretty spectacular there. Unless she had said no, and then….awkward. Stuck in that tension 30,000 feet in the air *could* have been a nightmare. I’d have asked for a free drink ticket. I bet the flight attendant would have started making it rain with them before I asked though.

That’s it for now! I’ll have more cohesive thoughts tomorrow…at least that’s the plan.  😉


Hey guys…remember me?  Probably not since I last posted almost TWO YEARS AGO.

Pathetic. Really.

Here’s some news for you: I’m on an 8 week sabbatical from work. In a good way! They didn’t ask me to do it or anything, they actually offer it. More on that later.

The actual news is that one of the reasons I wanted to take this sabbatical was to get back to writing on the blog.  I also needed a few minutes to get MARRIED and go on a honeymoon. More on that later, too.

Anyway, I’m back, baby!! Stay tuned because with no job to go to, and thank you notes I’m desperately avoiding writing, that means you are my new job.  DWC is back in business. I’m just hoping it’s not a flop and that I can actually still write.

Time will tell! (And so will the blog stats, I guess.)

See you manana!