Totally Brilliant??

Since I’ve been such a champion about writing consistently on my own blog, my sister and I have decided to embark on another literary masterpiece together documenting our time as roommates. You’re going to get double the fun from the two of us, most likely writing posts about how the other didn’t put away the dishes whilst sitting right next to each other on the couch.  Like old-school IMing from across your dorm room. Entertaining stuff!

Anyway, we’re coming up with a brilliant title and I’ll be sure to advertise the hell out of it here and on every social network my now 30 year old brain has capacity for. (Did you like that shameless plug for my birthday that’s already come and gone? Thought so.) You’ll get to hear all about our trials at cooking, learning the channel numbers of Uverse, and how long we can survive without major appliances.  Like I said, it should be a good time!

Stay tuned…and please read it.  🙂