I’m Sorry. So Sorry.

I really am, though!! I just checked out the last post date…are you freakin’ kidding me that it’s been a month?!?!  (You’re all nodding your heads, yes.)

So once again, I’ve been pretty insanely busy at work, which is always a good thing, but it’s slightly daunting at times.  It definitely makes the weeks fly by, the Fridays VERY celebrated and Sunday nights very very sad.  And per usual, Monday mornings are slightly dreadful. (Read: completely.)

Aside from a few weddings recently, it’s been really really nice to just relax and enjoy the weekends that seem so short these days. I’m now jogging my memory trying to think of any big ticket items you might be interested in.

1)  The Lakers won.  Which means, we all lose.  It would be safe to say that I dislike them most.  However, the Mavericks run a VERY tight race and if they weren’t a Texas team I would really be in a pickle to make the call on this one.

2)  I’m re-obsessed with Apple products.  I’ve experienced the iPad and all of you nay-sayers….well, you shall nay no more.  It’s pretty amazing.  As is the iOS4 update……and I’ve officially worked at a tech company a long time and most likely bored you all with my geek facts. (Don’t even get me started explaining cloud computing…just ask The Pam.)

3)  The World Cup.  I’m trying my best to follow it, but admittedly having a really hard time. It’s a lot of running (which, as we all know I don’t do unless being chased. With weaponry.) and lots of kicking and contact.  I dunno… but I can appreciate the World Cup in all it’s splendor.

4)  Dina left The Real Housewives of New Jersey.  I miss her. She was awesome. I have a total crush on Albie.  I could go on for days, but something tells me your eyes might glaze over like they did when I mentioned the Apple update. (Which you really should be excited about!)

5)  My roomie Char and I got locked out of our house after an hour long walk on Saturday.  Without our phones.  We ended up walking for another hour trying to find neighbors and friends who were home and would let us borrow their phones.  As it turns out, you can unlock a knob lock with a credit card.  It’s so easy, my mother can do it.  Wait, she DID do it.

Unfortunately, I think that’s all I have for now. Sorry I’ve been gone, hopefully you’ll come back, and lemme tell you…there is MUCH on the docket for the summer. And you know what that means…

Ode to Fridays

Dear Friday,

Why have you taken so long to get here?  I’ve been waiting all week. Seriously.  Let’s get on with this already and bring your friends Saturday and Sunday. They can hang out as long as they’d like.


In all seriousness though…it’s been an insanely crazy week.  Work has gotten the best of me and as I sit here writing what might be the most pointless post ever, I’m finding myself drifting off to sleep.

So here’s what I’ll do…let’s recap some tv from this week.  Because literally…that’s about all I’ve got.  SPOILER ALERT BELOW…I’m not censoring for those of you who haven’t watched. Do your jobs and catch up.

#1:   Dancing with the Stars– I haven’t really been keeping up as much as I should. But I do know that Niecy Nash went home. Which sucks because she really brought “entertainment” to the show.  I honestly don’t really care who wins now, but I think it will be the Pussycat Doll.

#2:   Real Housewives of New Jersey– Get into this now.  RIGHT NOW.  I’m just sayin’…Danielle is crazy, Dina is unusually sweet, Jacqueline apparently has lost all memory of Danielle’s craziness, Teresa is ready to come to blows with Danielle, and Caroline has the funniest family ever. Ham Game. ‘Nuff said. I wouldn’t mind hanging out with them and you BET I’m waiting for that episode where someone pulls out a 9mm at a charity event.  I love you Jersey.

#3:  Lost– A little slow this week, but still really good.  Not sure that I needed a full hour of that back story, but hopefully they’ll surprise me.  AND…I’m not sure all of these questions are going to be answered in 2 episodes. Again…I’m ready to be shocked.

#4:  Glee– I’ve never watched it before.  And Tuesday’s episode didn’t really sell me on it.  However, I’ll give it another shot because I’ve heard from multiple people who say it’s awesome.  And that I should watch the Madonna episode.  I won’t count you out yet, Glee.

#5:  Modern Family– You know how I feel about this. BEST. SHOW. EVER.  It’s truly so smart, hilarious, and I really still can’t decide who I love most.  One of my favorite lines from this week came from Manny talking to Luke:

“I noticed some lovely tweens down by the kids’ club, maybe we can find a nice spot near them by the pool and send over a couple of virgin Mai Tais. They may be interested in two sophisticated men like us.”


#6:  Grey’s Anatomy– Finally a good season again! So, Christina and Owen are having major issues. Derek and Meredith are trying to have a baby and build a house. Lexi was basically proposed to by McSteamy. Alex has no idea he’s about to lose his girlfriend (which will totally make him a jerk again). Bailey is finally getting a little action. And Teddy is an eavesdropper.  I think that’s about it.  The finale next week is going to be good.  But Grey’s writers…please don’t almost kill Meredith again. That would just be exhausting.

#7:  Private Practice– Wow.  Sad sad season finale last night.  Dell died.  And left his poor orphaned daughter with who knows who.  (Char & I are betting that Addison will adopt her.) Violet and Pete are going to give it another go.  Addison basically assaults Sam at the end…so I guess they’re going to be dating next season.  Naomi’s boyfriend left her to die.  (I thought only cats did that…) Cooper and Charlotte are engaged. Sheldon is still vanilla–I really can’t get into this guy. At. All. Maya and her baby lived–go Addison.  And I just realized that Amelia is Derek’s sister.Interesting.

#8:  The Hills– This show is getting creepier and creepier. Spencer is legitimately insane. Heidi…I have no words.

#9:  The City– Kelly Cutrone is amazing. I’m not sure where Oliva Palermo gets off thinking she’s big time at a magazine. Really, Kelly made the show this week season.

I wish I had a #10 to round things out. Sorry for such a lame post, but comment on your favorite shows of the week…maybe I can pick up a #10 from there!  Happy Friday and have a GREAT weekend!!