I ate my words…

About 100 times over.  The night times are going pretty well with Little Girl, but during the day she gets a little ticked at being in her kennel and tends to make a mess. Which is ok because I understand she has a baby bladder, blah blah, but it doesn’t change the stink in the room. We are going through candles like a pioneer household.

Oh! And on that note, we WERE a pioneer household for about 15 hours last week.  We had some major thunderstorms and flooding last week (which is great for the yard, so no complaints) and the dogs for certain thought that the sky was falling.  Which it might have, because when I got home from work on Thursday afternoon we had no power. Great news and just what you want to come home to after a long day at work.

I won’t bore you with the details, but it involved NO power (and 2 empty promises from CPS) for 15 hours straight, along with Husband and I and the puppy and her kennel, loading up and going to my parents house for the night. (We left Lola to enjoy some peace and quiet for the night.  She probably threw a party.)  The next day at 7:30am the power was restored. On our house and our neighbors. Because lucky us–we were the only two on the block to be taken down.

Luckily we had a backup plan because sleeping in a house with no power and no AC in South Texas as the summer is winding down is what you might call brutal.

So back to the girls…here’s how they’re doing together now:

lolaandpearlThe closeness is coming along.  What you can’t hear is Lola’s bark, which sounds like she swallowed a kazoo and it less than intimidating. Which is why Pearl feels free to own her.

Some of my favorite times look like this:

PearlchairThe zooms are over and she’s out for a solid hour or two…sweet nectar of the gods!  I love her dearly, but her energy is unmatched.

And here’s one more for the road….when Kazoo and Little Girl are knocked out. Also known as the Golden Hour.

sleeping dogsY’all have a great afternoon! I’ll try to crawl out of the kennel and post a few things this week.

Puppy Love

I have to say…I love Pearl for her relentless efforts. Lola IS going to love her if she has anything to do with it. 

Persistence is the name of the game, folks. The sisters shared a room last night (Pearl in her kennel) and the crying was at a minimum. 

So…sorry to move the big dog out but whatever gets us all a night without incessant whining is what we’re all looking for.

Bonus: we didn’t have to wash Pearl’s bed this morning because: no accidents. I hate to brag, but I think we have a genius on our hands.

Watch me eat those words tomorrow. 

Pearl Day: The Ultimate in Friday Fun!

IMG_5624Happy Pearl Day to you! What’s more fun on a Friday than getting a puppy???  I think the answer to that is nothing. It’s way better than shopping because clothes don’t love you back.  Nice handbags and shoes, maybe, but not clothes.

So today we finally go and pick up that little ball of fur we’ve been talking about for what seems like forever.  Truly though, as my sister put it, this has been the longest anticipation ever.

It’s reminiscent of the scene from Austin Powers where the guard is screaming because he’s about to be rolled by a steam roller…that is going so super slow and not actually about to hit him.

That’s what this wait has been like. And it’s likely that tomorrow we’re going to actually feel as though we’ve been rolled by a steam roller.

But then you look at this face and forget about it all, right?  Maybe?

One thing I do know is that the days of leaving my shoes around the house are up. As are Lola’s days of being totally undisturbed.  I also know that we have invested in baby gates that look awfully funny when people come over and there has been no puppy or baby there. So I guess what I’m saying is, we’re ready to have Pearl home.

Stayed tuned for more adventures of Pearl and Lola in what is sure to be an interesting new twist of fate at the Schulze household.

And just in case you’re looking for something fun to shop for this fine Friday:

tory bagI’m dying over this bag. There is a whole new line of these to obsess over. Check them out here.

Also, JCrew Factory is having a sale…and if you’re not familiar with the Factory clothes, well, get there.  They’re essentially JCrew from a few years ago before they got so super proud of themselves (as told by their prices).

And finally…Calypso St. Barth has an additional 30% off their sale prices–up to 60% off total. Which makes their clothes semi-affordable and able to join the ranks of your closet.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go buy puppy chow.  Because that’s my hot fall item this year.

Friday Fun!

See. I told you!

It’s another Friday and another weekend is all bright and shiny ahead of us! We are also t-minus one week out from bringing Pearl home.  Also, my nephews birthday is tomorrow and the celebrating continues! We had his birthday party this week in the smoldering South Texas heat but none of the kids seemed to notice.  They might have noticed me throwing up off the side of the carousel if I’d had to take one more ride, though.  Tight turns and high speeds add up to trouble for people over a certain age.  Like 5.

Oh, and my birthday is Monday, but that’s not exciting anymore. And I’m not saying that to get an “aw, that’s not true, let’s celebrate” reaction.  But I’m always accepting of gifts so feel free.  🙂

There’s really not much else to say today because I’m just ready to get to the weekend and a nice glass of wine.  Is that bad? (Don’t answer that if you’re answer isn’t “of course not!”)  Have a great weekend everyone! More pics of Pearl to come and maybe a few birthday obligatory celebratory pics, too.


New Weekly Theme

So after reviewing the blog this morning, I realized that I wrote two posts in a row titled “Friday Fun.”  One had an exclamation point so I was clearly a little more pumped up that day and ready for a big weekend.

So with that in mind, you’re guaranteed to get a least one expected post a week now dubbed “Friday Fun!” And they’re all going to have an exclamation point because what isn’t awesome about Fridays? Nothing.

Expect some reflections on the week, maybe some pics and links to whatever I’ve been online shopping longing for.  (Husband, this could be some great insight to a birthday gift, just saying. 🙂  )

That’s all for now! We just “assembled” Pearl’s crate and are slowly preparing for her majesty’s arrival.  Coincidentally, I had a dream last night that my sister, Poops, robbed our house and stole our TV and laptops all just for fun. Totally normal.  No one could understand why I was irritated by this in my dream either.  If that’s not a psychology trip for you, I’m not sure what is.  So basically, as long as Pearl doesn’t run off with our TV, DVR, or laptop we should all coexist just fine.

Here’s to hoping for that!