So It’s Thursday!!

Let’s back up a bit. Did everyone have a great 4th of July? I hope you did and I hope you filled up on all things American and still love this great country and all of the freedoms it provides. Because Ariana Grande doesn’t.  At least she didn’t when she was licking donuts over the weekend saying she hated America.

Girl. Come ON. There are so many things wrong with this scenario. Let’s start with you’re in a donut shop sneak-LICKING donuts on a tray. Hilarious. If you’re 4. Disgusting to all ages.

Then you watch the donut shop employee (who, let’s be honest is probably star-struck quickly followed by highly confused) take the tray of licked donuts away and replace them with something else that hasn’t been licked and you think it’s wasteful. Well….yeah…but if you hadn’t licked them someone could have eaten them. And we all know you aren’t going to be that someone. Sorry I’m not sorry that I can’t figure out how to feel bad for you in this situation. #hatersgonnahate

Also, is this the year of the donut or something? I’ve seen these pool floats literally everywhere and am just wondering if I’m out of the loop. I’m still trying to figure out how to use “on fleek” so I’ve got my hands full with that.

donutAfter the 4th, Husband and I went to the coast with his family for a few days.  We had a blast, got some good family time in, and enjoyed the gorgeous weather.  Plus, it’s always fun to take a road trip.  Especially one on which you make one of the most amazing mixes entitled “Summer 2015” like it’s actually Summer 2001 and N’Sync is still rockin’ your CD burner.  Only this was on my iPhone in the new Music app and none of my songs skip because of a bad internet bandwidth on Napster.

Go ahead. You can be jealous of “Summer 2015.” Or Summer 2001.

So after a few days out of the office and after the drive back, which did not get it’s own super mix, I found myself unpacking and feeling the Sunday Blues thinking about going back to work. Until one of life’s little blessings bestowed itself upon me. I realized that today was Thursday. NOT MONDAY!

Does that happen to anyone else? Let me tell you, it put some serious pep in my step today. And not just that, but I only have 2 days in the office before the weekend.  They don’t call me an event planner for nothing, y’all. I played this one exactly right.

So sadly, that’s the most excitement I’ve seen between today and yesterday. Essentially this post was written to touch base and acknowledge that Ariana Grande is in fact, not a smart pop star.  But her VH1 “Pop-up Video” would probably be amazing.

Now excuse me while I go You Tube some “TRL” and try to get back in mix-making mode.

Thousand Dollah Bills, Y’all

When I say to you that I saw a stack of about 15 of these over the weekend, you’ll believe one of many things:
1)  I’m a big, fat liar
2)  I robbed a bank and now have cash and no debt–yay Dave Ramsey!
3)  I picked up a job as a drug dealer
While many of these answers might excite you, the real answer is I saw someone ELSE’S stack of thousand dollar bills in their ginormous safe sitting next to their 20 Rolex watches inside their larger-than-my-bedroom gun “closet” fully equipped with it’s own alarm system.
No big whoop.
This was just one piece of my weekend that also includes laughing so hard that I could swear someone kicked me in the ribs and having a dance party (you rocked it, N’Sync) while a college acquaintance (I don’t use the word friend, cuz we weren’t/aren’t) remained passed out like a champ on B’s couch.  B, the Demmecks, and I then proceeded to leave said “friend” while we went out downtown….and came back to him still being shady on the couch. Breathing, but shady nonetheless.
The full post may take awhile, but I’ll get it all written down because you will NOT want to miss out. Reason being, I’m going to have to come up with some killer aliases because Mr. Thousand-Dollah-Bills-Y’all thinks there’s a possibility he could be kidnapped.  
Yes, I’m serious.