Snap Back to Reality!

Hey guys!  Husband and I just got back from our honeymoon in The Dominican Republic! Some pics and stories to follow so stay tuned. Now back to mounds of laundry…



Hey guys…remember me?  Probably not since I last posted almost TWO YEARS AGO.

Pathetic. Really.

Here’s some news for you: I’m on an 8 week sabbatical from work. In a good way! They didn’t ask me to do it or anything, they actually offer it. More on that later.

The actual news is that one of the reasons I wanted to take this sabbatical was to get back to writing on the blog.  I also needed a few minutes to get MARRIED and go on a honeymoon. More on that later, too.

Anyway, I’m back, baby!! Stay tuned because with no job to go to, and thank you notes I’m desperately avoiding writing, that means you are my new job.  DWC is back in business. I’m just hoping it’s not a flop and that I can actually still write.

Time will tell! (And so will the blog stats, I guess.)

See you manana!