Can we all just agree that this is not good? The haircut, the look, the path she’s on. And she’s engaged? I guess I expected her to be a child bride…her dad IS Billy Ray Cyrus and we all know how much he hates an achy breaky heart. Must run in the family so she’s hooking them early. I’m a little surprised she snagged an Aussie…and a Hunger Games Aussie at that.  I would have thought maybe more like a Levi Johnston, D-lister.

On another note, Britney Spears may have cold feet.  Which I find hard to believe after all of those years of traipsing through gas stations barefoot with Cheetos. Is there a coincidence that I mention her with this picture staring me in the face? No coincidence, I’m just saying that if Miley keeps skipping down this road she may have no hair, 2 kids, and Billy Ray balancing her checkbook. Just a heads up ladies…it can take an ugly turn fast.

And finally on a completely different note, Homeland starts again on September 30th and I CANNOT WAIT.  If you haven’t watched it, you still have time to Netflix or do whatever and catch up. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.  At last not nearly as much as you probably are in this post.