Reconnected, Follow Me, and Here We Go!

I’m not sure where that title came from, but it seemed fun and was the first thing that came to mind when deciding to tell y’all that my phone is BACK BABY!!  (Also, this is just some minor insight into how my brain is functioning.)

And that’s exactly what I feel like after having been without it for a mere 31 hours. A giant baby. (Although I still stand by everything I said about being without it and how difficult it was. I fully accept that I’m dependent and that’s that.)

I finally got that sweet thang back last night at 7pm and rejoined the world of tech in all it’s glory. I was stupid giddy with excitement to make my first call to Husband in which I was promptly reminded of how no one else really cared about my phone issues when he didn’t answer. (He called me back but my image of him waiting for me to call was really dissolved quickly. Rightfully so…it’s just a phone, not the lotto.) (Which we may need to win now, thanks to the coffee dip.)

Anyway, having a phone again has made several things much easier. Like texting.  I know you can iMessage from your laptop or your iPad, but not sitting at the stoplight. (I’m not doing it when I drive so please, no lectures. Or tickets.)  And I think what I realized was that in order to shorthand and multitask the way we do now, we do most things on the fly. And use our phones to accomplish this things mid-fly. So can you survive? YES. Will you inevitably do things slower and have to get organized before your trip out? YES AGAIN.  Apparently back in the day we spent way more time figuring out what order to run errands in and where to go first than we actually did running said errands. The future is fast, y’all.

So there it is. Mystery solved. I’ll stop talking about it now.

On another note, I’d like to remind everyone how you can keep up with this fine lil blog if we don’t happen to be friends on Facebook, friends in real life, or if I haven’t texted you (now that I can again) to tell you to check out my new post. Which is desperate and something I would never do.

On the right hand side of the page you can click “Follow Down With Cantaloupe!”  Rocket science.

OR…you can subscribe via email and get a cute lil note every time I post something by clicking on the “Sign Me Up!” button under “Email Subscription.”  Again…simple stuff.

And while we’re on the subject, I would love for you to do this.  It makes me feel good and “liked” which in turn inspires me (writer’s word) to continue blabbing on to you via the interwebs. Earth-shattering literature is what I’m putting out there, folks…and I’d hate for you to miss it.

Finally…there are several small summer trips/adventures coming up so stay tuned as I attempt to remember and document everything!

Y’all have a great Tuesday–which is my Friday this week but don’t be jealous!  😉

Throw Your Hands in the Air…and Wave Like You Just Don’t Care!!

Funny thing happened a few weeks ago at work.  Yes, it was a few weeks ago and I’m JUST NOW getting it pen to paper…or fingers to keyboard.  Things have been hectic (more so than usual) which is great, but my hobby has been pushed to the side.  My apologies again!!  Only recently have I realized that someone other than Dear Ol’ Dad is still reading.  In fact, some of you have actually called me out on on the fact that you’ve been visiting DWC and I haven’t updated.  (I’m lookin’ at you, Bev.)  So here goes…

Since these absolutely ridiculous things happen to me on a near-daily basis, I’ve definitely neglected sharing them with you…loyal readers.  To put it lightly, I have a total knack for making a bit of an ass out of myself in public.  Luckily, I seem to be slightly likable so it’s typically passed off with mild embarrassment.  That’s not completely true:  I’m usually pretty embarrassed inside while those around me narrowly escape.

So like I said, it’s a few weeks ago and I’m at work, working through lunch.  This is a new thing as I usually like to leave my four walls for an hour on a regular basis, but it’s just not happening these days.  I digress.  So I’m in line to get a salad from the onsite vendor that day and I’m standing with Avu talking about how we wish we weren’t working through lunch but rather sitting by a pool with a nice boat drink when I think I see a friend of mine walking up the stairs next to us.  I say “think” because the stair railing is slightly completely blocking the guys face. And I say “friend” because what little of the face I can see, I’m about 0–1/2% sure that I know this person.

So naturally, what do I do?  Obnoxiously smile and HUGE wave at my “friend.”  Because that’s what normal people in the corporate professional world do. At work. In the lunch line.

Obviously you have a feeling where this story is headed.  And if you don’t, you need to go back to Day 1 of “Down With Cantaloupe” and get to know me and my luck a little better to truly appreciate this.

As my “friend’s” face is revealed in between stair railings my mind is VERY SLOWLY (and a little too late, I might add) letting me know that in fact, I have no FRIGGIN’ clue who this guy is.  None. At all. Never seen him. Only assume he’s actually employed here. Not even sure about that. That’s how much I DO NOT know him.  Yet my hand is still very high in the air and waving in a back and forth motion and my face is making a “HEY BUDDY!! I’M GOING TO BE AN IDIOT AND SMILE HUGE AT YOU” face. Stop body. Abort mission. ABORT!!

Too late. I turn towards the opposite wall as fast as I can.  And Avu says “Oh my gosh…that guy has the BIGGEST grin.  Do you know him?”  No, no apparently I do not.

Avu:  “Well he’s sure as hell not gonna forget YOU now!!”  And the laughter ensues.

I haven’t seen my “friend” since.  Which is probably a good thing because I really never got a good look at his face.  He could wave like hell at me and I’d probably look for someone behind me.  Or maybe I sit next to him now.  Who knows.

Happy Almost-Friday!! We’re getting closer gang…and I couldn’t be happier!!