Friday Fun! Edition: What I Plan on Doing this Weekend

TGIF everybody!! And may I say, welcome back to my sweet friend, Friday.  In celebration of the weekend’s arrival, I have a short list of “activities” (which I feel are more “slacktivities”) that I’m looking to participate in this weekend.

So here it goes, in no particular order:

  1. Sleep. A lot.  And generally laze around since we have no plans. Hallelujah!
  2. Watch “Entourage”, the movie.  It’s about time. Husband and I plowed through the series earlier this year so that we could go see the movie. Then we missed it. So we’ve now had to wait until it was available to rent on Apple TV. Don’t tell me if it’s disappointing…I just don’t think I can take it.
  3. Build a fire in the fireplace. Because it’s finally getting into the 80’s in South Texas and that combined with minimal humidity equates to a chill in the air.  I might event bust out my furry house shoes. And, Woody (the wood guy–you can’t make this stuff up) is delivering our annual woodpile tomorrow.
  4. Watch “Spy” with Melissa McCarthy. I have no idea why, but it looks entertaining and she makes me laugh.
  5. Sleep in.  I know I mentioned this before, but this is just how serious I am.
  6. Let sweet Pearl girl run her little 20 lb. legs off in the backyard and enjoy not being in her kennel all day. Her zooms are out. of. control. y’all.  She’s just inches from getting nicknamed “Air Bud.”  This will also give Lola some alone time to sleep. Which is being taken rather seriously in our house right now if you haven’t picked up on that.
  7. Maybe….MAYBE….if I’m feeling motivated, I’ll swap my spring/summer clothes out for the fall/winter stuff.  It’s about time, but let’s be honest, this is ambitious. Also, I’m not sure what is going to be worth unpacking in terms of a growing belly. All things elastic and drape-y, feel free to hop into the closet.  Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if our clothes and closets came alive like on Beauty and the Beast and would just swap out for us?  I could keep sleeping if that were the case.

Truthfully, I feel like I might get held to this list now that it’s in writing so I’m going to quit while I’m ahead. This is plenty for me to work on over the weekend, especially with that frivolous #7 getting tossed in there! Hope y’all enjoy it and get some relaxing in, too! Until next week…

New Weekly Theme

So after reviewing the blog this morning, I realized that I wrote two posts in a row titled “Friday Fun.”  One had an exclamation point so I was clearly a little more pumped up that day and ready for a big weekend.

So with that in mind, you’re guaranteed to get a least one expected post a week now dubbed “Friday Fun!” And they’re all going to have an exclamation point because what isn’t awesome about Fridays? Nothing.

Expect some reflections on the week, maybe some pics and links to whatever I’ve been online shopping longing for.  (Husband, this could be some great insight to a birthday gift, just saying. 🙂  )

That’s all for now! We just “assembled” Pearl’s crate and are slowly preparing for her majesty’s arrival.  Coincidentally, I had a dream last night that my sister, Poops, robbed our house and stole our TV and laptops all just for fun. Totally normal.  No one could understand why I was irritated by this in my dream either.  If that’s not a psychology trip for you, I’m not sure what is.  So basically, as long as Pearl doesn’t run off with our TV, DVR, or laptop we should all coexist just fine.

Here’s to hoping for that!

Friday fun!

It’s Friday!!!

You know what’s really fun though? Realizing you were so busy yesterday that you paid your mortgage twice instead of yours bills!

Yeah, that happened. Try explaining that to every branch of your bank as you try to fix it.

“Hi! Yes, loving the house. Apparently we now get to stay for two more months! Bad news though: no AC or water.”

It’s always nice to be on friendly terms with your bankers…I just never thought they’d be my first phone call on a Friday morning.

Maybe next week they could swing by with a skinny vanilla latte or something? It’s the least they could do.

More to come today because I owe ya some updates. You’ll have to get in line though because I’m on day 2 of judging our company talent show.

That’s right folks! They can code AND have a host (get it?) of other talents!! 😉

Have a great Friday morning! And do yourself a favor and call your banker. They worry.

Soup Slurpin’ and Birthday Boys

First thing’s first….TGIF, folks!! It’s another beautiful Friday and we have the whole weekend ahead of us!

Tomorrow is my brother’s birthday and he’s turning the ripe old age of 26.  Oh to be young again! I’m actually totally fine with being 33, except for when you have too much wine and it hits you mid-day when you’ve just started being productive, and the fact that everyone expects you to be a full-grown “adult” and be “very responsible.” Aside from that, I have no complaints.

Anyway, we had a little birthday lunch celebration with him today since he’s doing what any 26 year old with their own money and zero responsibilities does and he’s going on an overnight to Vegas with his best friends. (Cue the opening credits for “The Hangover.”) So if we wanted to celebrate, today was the day.

For years, affectionately and jokingly he and his friends have called each other “Little Boy.” We aren’t sure why they do or say a lot of the things they do and more than 30% of the time we don’t understand them at all.  But they “Little Boy” in a crazy-ish voice and it’s hilarious and English so we’re mostly all on the same page.

Since children are sponges, our oldest nephew has started picking up on that and instead of calling him Uncle Bobby, he now stops himself mid-sentance and calls him “Little Boy.”  It’s one of the most hysterical things to hear, especially when he says it in front of Bobby’s friends who then double over in hyperventilating laughter. Because, fact: there’s nothing funnier than kids saying things that adults say. (Even when it’s not appropriate and you’re not supposed to laugh.)

So at the birthday lunch, my sister shows up with the boys, balloons tied to each one of their hands, and a cake for the birthday boy.  And this is what it says:

littleboyMeagan for the win. Epic cake dedication, and you’re absolutely correct if you thought that we sang “Happy birthday, dear Little Boy!” as loud as we could at the restaurant.

Before this happened though, we had some lunch. Which, when the nephews are around at a Mexican food restaurant means that we have several plates of rice and beans on the table. Don’t get me wrong, refried beans and rice are delicious and the foundation that Tex Mex is built on, but they’re not usually the whole meal. Or anything exciting.  I mean, they’re not handing out The James Beard Award for rice and beans, but whatever.  My favorite thing is that my oldest nephew will now ask for tortillas and make his own “tacos” when his plate arrives.  It’s a total mess, but he loves it and from what I’ve observed of parenting if your child is eating something at all, much less semi-nutritious, you should let sleeping dogs lie.  (Full heart + full belly = full night sleep for all.)

So to my surprise and mid-taco bite, he took an immediate interest in my tortilla soup. So I gave him a taste and here’s what he said. “Ohhh, I LOVE soup, Aunt Bibby!! Can I share with you?”  (Try to hear it in a 3, almost 4 years old’s precious raspy voice. It’ll kill you.)

So of course I want to share my soup (there was A LOT anyway) and as any aunt obsessed with their niece or nephew you basically are just delighted when they pay you any attention above their parents.  So duh, I shared my soup (and I’m sure a few germs) with my lil punk and made little people conversation at Little Boy’s birthday.  File that under #bestlunchever

What day is it?

Is it possible that someone could write me one of these for work? 

In all seriousness does anyone know what day it is? These short weeks, though awesome as they are, always have me totally turned around.

For instance, I’ve made two sets of plans for the same night twice now. Don’t worry, everything is straightened out and no one was hurt. (Except my ego. And my gmail calendar.)

Also, I have thought my hair appointment was tomorrow, day after tomorrow and then tomorrow again. (It’s really tomorrow and if you’re reading this I will be there.) Because a reschedule in that department is not just near impossible but also quite literally makes you look like an idiot.

Or Shakira back in the major dark roots days.

That may still be what she does, I don’t know for sure because she’s not on The Voice now.

Anyway, if someone could get back to me on where I’m supposed to be tomorrow and push me along until Friday at 5, that would be great.



TGI…What Day Is It?

I’m going to try to leave my sour mood out of this post and spare y’all on a Friday, which is usually the most awesome day of the week.  Mine has acted WAAAYY too much like a Monday for my taste.  Snarky emails, lots of requests and changes, and lots of brainpower & patience required…of which I’m out.

However, life could be worse.  Your stolen iPhone could lead the cops to your drug stash. BUMMER. Does this guy look like someone who could outsmart Apple? Nay.  Just a tip, if you’re going to be dumb enough to steal an iPhone (or anything for that matter), maybe don’t carry your stash of heroin and drug paraphernalia ON you. There’s a little app called “Find my iPhone” and it did just that.  Police traced the phone to a convenience store and arrested this sharp individual.  Just in case…don’t steal and don’t do drugs. And especially don’t steal a smartphone. They’re actually living up to their names.

Be smart this weekend folks! No one likes a jailbird.

Ode to Fridays

Dear Friday,

Why have you taken so long to get here?  I’ve been waiting all week. Seriously.  Let’s get on with this already and bring your friends Saturday and Sunday. They can hang out as long as they’d like.


In all seriousness though…it’s been an insanely crazy week.  Work has gotten the best of me and as I sit here writing what might be the most pointless post ever, I’m finding myself drifting off to sleep.

So here’s what I’ll do…let’s recap some tv from this week.  Because literally…that’s about all I’ve got.  SPOILER ALERT BELOW…I’m not censoring for those of you who haven’t watched. Do your jobs and catch up.

#1:   Dancing with the Stars– I haven’t really been keeping up as much as I should. But I do know that Niecy Nash went home. Which sucks because she really brought “entertainment” to the show.  I honestly don’t really care who wins now, but I think it will be the Pussycat Doll.

#2:   Real Housewives of New Jersey– Get into this now.  RIGHT NOW.  I’m just sayin’…Danielle is crazy, Dina is unusually sweet, Jacqueline apparently has lost all memory of Danielle’s craziness, Teresa is ready to come to blows with Danielle, and Caroline has the funniest family ever. Ham Game. ‘Nuff said. I wouldn’t mind hanging out with them and you BET I’m waiting for that episode where someone pulls out a 9mm at a charity event.  I love you Jersey.

#3:  Lost– A little slow this week, but still really good.  Not sure that I needed a full hour of that back story, but hopefully they’ll surprise me.  AND…I’m not sure all of these questions are going to be answered in 2 episodes. Again…I’m ready to be shocked.

#4:  Glee– I’ve never watched it before.  And Tuesday’s episode didn’t really sell me on it.  However, I’ll give it another shot because I’ve heard from multiple people who say it’s awesome.  And that I should watch the Madonna episode.  I won’t count you out yet, Glee.

#5:  Modern Family– You know how I feel about this. BEST. SHOW. EVER.  It’s truly so smart, hilarious, and I really still can’t decide who I love most.  One of my favorite lines from this week came from Manny talking to Luke:

“I noticed some lovely tweens down by the kids’ club, maybe we can find a nice spot near them by the pool and send over a couple of virgin Mai Tais. They may be interested in two sophisticated men like us.”


#6:  Grey’s Anatomy– Finally a good season again! So, Christina and Owen are having major issues. Derek and Meredith are trying to have a baby and build a house. Lexi was basically proposed to by McSteamy. Alex has no idea he’s about to lose his girlfriend (which will totally make him a jerk again). Bailey is finally getting a little action. And Teddy is an eavesdropper.  I think that’s about it.  The finale next week is going to be good.  But Grey’s writers…please don’t almost kill Meredith again. That would just be exhausting.

#7:  Private Practice– Wow.  Sad sad season finale last night.  Dell died.  And left his poor orphaned daughter with who knows who.  (Char & I are betting that Addison will adopt her.) Violet and Pete are going to give it another go.  Addison basically assaults Sam at the end…so I guess they’re going to be dating next season.  Naomi’s boyfriend left her to die.  (I thought only cats did that…) Cooper and Charlotte are engaged. Sheldon is still vanilla–I really can’t get into this guy. At. All. Maya and her baby lived–go Addison.  And I just realized that Amelia is Derek’s sister.Interesting.

#8:  The Hills– This show is getting creepier and creepier. Spencer is legitimately insane. Heidi…I have no words.

#9:  The City– Kelly Cutrone is amazing. I’m not sure where Oliva Palermo gets off thinking she’s big time at a magazine. Really, Kelly made the show this week season.

I wish I had a #10 to round things out. Sorry for such a lame post, but comment on your favorite shows of the week…maybe I can pick up a #10 from there!  Happy Friday and have a GREAT weekend!!