Wedding, Puppy, and…

…now it’s time for a baby!! I’m thrilled to be able to talk about this on the blog now since it’s been the all-consuming news in our lives for the last month and a half!  Clearly I’m already using the baby as an excuse for something, but I couldn’t very well write to you everyday “I’m exhausted, a bit nauseous, and yet starving all at the same time” without provoking the obvious questions.

I am all of those things, though, and have not much other news to share so you can see how this blog would have been a little empty and boring with me just telling you, “I got in bed at 8pm last night…” with zero follow up. True story.

So yes, Husband and I are expecting a little sweet pea around May 4th, which is conveniently close to the well-celebrated-in-San Antonio, Cinco de Mayo.  So we will get to celebrate with margaritas!  Obviously we haven’t had enough excitement yet this year so we are adding in a little something extra.

In all seriousness though, we are so excited and feel very blessed and can’t wait to share it with everyone as we stumble through parenthood, one dirty diaper at a time.

That’s all for today I think, but now that the band aid has been ripped off, feel free to comment on anything that helped you with feeling like all you wanted to do is lay in your bed for a sweet forever with intermittent breaks to the restroom.  I’m all ears.

Just a little throwback photo of the parents-to-be!

Just a little throwback photo of the parents-to-be!  

Friday Fun

You know what rounds out a pretty exciting week?  Getting to video chat with your baby bro from work! LZB has finally joined the 21st century of technology and they’re running some video conferencing. And naturally, I had to test it out as seen here:

IMG_5587You can barely see us both, but we’re there. Most of this call was laughing because I’m going to take full advantage to “pop-in” and say hello during the day.  I’m laughing at my computer just thinking about it. Next goal: family video chat.  It’s going to be epic. If you know us, it’s next level hilarious.

Also happening this week was the early arrival of my new niece, GM!  Which she is. She is definitely general manager of our family as of right now.  We are all in awe of a GIRL joining the family and we were also expecting her in about 2 weeks.  Thankfully she is perfect and was able to come home immediately so that we could start obsessing over her.  Her parents are champs and her dad will sue you if you even think about booking a date with her.  2045 is currently the year that may be considered.  We love you GM!!!

AND…because I think he may still be the only one reading this, happy belated birthday to my dad! Yesterday was his birthday and he was celebrated in style with all THREE of his grandchildren and his family. We are so so thankful for you dad. You have and continue to be such a great example for all of us. Love you!

Also upcoming, and I apologize because I feel like these are all things that I’ve been meaning to post, but just haven’t had the time.  I’d love to tell you about something exciting that I’ve been busy with that’s kept me from writing, but I’ve got nothing. I blame the heat.

So…as of August 14th, Husband and I are expanding the fam to include Miss Pearl!

IMG_5539Lola is going to have to warm up to her but look at that face…I don’t think it will take long. We are so excited and also a little freaked out and taking inventory of all of the items in our house that may or may not disappear in the near future. It sounds like we’re about to harbor a fugitive and not a puppy. Which is yet to be determined, I guess.

Other excitement from the week:  in a total rush to get to the office yesterday I dropped my Bobbi Brown eyeshadow palette on the bathroom tile floor.  As you can imagine, that didn’t go so well.  The result was me saying every word in the book that could make a sailor blush and a nice, thick coating of dark makeup in the white grout.  Let’s just say that Thursday had already won before I’d left the house.  This picture best describes my mood yesterday:

IMG_5584BUT…It’s Friday now!! We have zero plans so far this weekend which is so welcomed after a packed week.  We’re going to go hang out with Pearl on Sunday and hopefully a body of water will be in the plans somewhere in there. Have a great Friday and enjoy your weekend as much as I’m going to!