The Heart of Rock and Roll…

Is still beatin’….or so says Huey Lewis.  We’ve been hangin’ out all day long.


You should be. You should also IMMEDIATELY go to Pandora Radio and create a radio station.  And if you need help, all you have to do is type in “Huey Lewis and the News.”

Monday has ONLY been bearable thanks to Pandora’s lineup today. It’s like they’ve taken the favorite songs of my youth and jammed them into one 8 hour long session.

And I DOUBLE dare you not to think of a Delorean, puffy vests, and skateboards when “Power of Love” or “Back in Time” comes up.

I have to get back to some ultimate foot tappin’ and time travelin’.  And some work.

A Shout Out Post!!

I’d like to send out a “Hollahhhh!!!” to the McHeblins.

Who are not actually a “Mc” but that’s how I roll.

Mr. McHeblin and I had a great blog convo at a party last night. After which I realized that he thinks DWC is a mom and pop production. (Haha-you said you wanted a name and a post!)

Anyway, be looking for some updates in the coming weeks…I know you know I think the blog needs a facelift. We are fast-approaching Spring and every girl knows that means a new wardrobe is in order!!

Also, I want to be the first to promote E McHeblins future foodie blog. Let’s encourage him to get this up and running so that we can all reap the benefits of his foodie prowess!!

Go get ’em McHeblin…your wife and I will be drinking veen and watching LMN while we wait!

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Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Just a quick update to show you what our family does for fun on the weekends.

We worship Winston.

Saturday and Sunday mornings dad takes Winnie on a Starbucks run and down to walk at the park or to see the ducks at the zoo. It’s precious and it’s how they keep the love alive.

After that, she usually gets her bath. However, since it’s been unusually freezing then warm then freezing again, we decided to take her to the Wash, Shake, Wag shop, which is a do it yourself dog washing place.

As seen in the below picture, it’s going to take some getting used to.

The shop was really cute and they have driers and towels and ribbons and bows, oh my! We had a blast…Winston may need more convincing.

But don’t feel bad for her…life doesn’t suck too much.

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New Web Design

I’m looking (and have been for a while) to redesign the blog!

If any of you out there know of some great templates or, heck, are designers interested in helping me out, reply in the comments section or email me at

2010 calls for a facelift…and I’m not super code-writing saavy, so you’re help is requested! Ready, set, facelift!

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Lucy….’Splain It To Me!!

Will someone please explain to me why:

1) Someone would have a homemade “flying contraption” in their backyard

2) They would leave their child unaccompanied long enough to access said contraption

3) Said child would get into and “launch” said contraption
-actually, scratch that, it’s called curiosity

4) Colorado officials cannot seem to get control of said contraption with said boy inside

5) Colorado officials cannot NOW seem to FIND said CHILD!

Apparently Denver airspace has been shut down, thus canceling/delaying several flights. Thanks parents, for effectively doing your job.

It’s maybe time to take “The Boy Who Could Fly” out of your home movie library. Full story found here.

You’ll Say "WOW" Everytime!!

Oh yes…yes we will.

The Sham-Wow guy, also known to those who love & adore him as Vince Shlomi (I know, right??), has been involved in a violent confrontation with, well let’s just call her a Lady of the Night. If ya know what I’m sayin’.

The story goes like this:

Sham-Wow Vince has no time to meet a nice lady (we’re assuming) because he’s very busy making messes and showing people how to clean them up WHILST wearing a McDonald’s-like microphone.

Because everyone needs 2 hands to wipe up juice, yes?

He meets a young woman at a Miami Beach nightclub and “propositions” her to be his girlfriend. For the night. (SICK. I have nothing else to say.)

Apparently things went horribly awry when said “lady” clenched onto Sham-Wow Vince’s tongue. Fighting ensued. And Sham-Wow Vince came out saying WOW…only not in the way he was expecting.

Personal opinion, Sham-Wow Vince got exactly what was coming to him because everyone knows by now not mess with these chicks. (Charlie Sheen, Hugh Grant…need I say more?) Only on top of the public embarrassment of having to pay for kisses, Sham-Wow Vince also got the ever living daylights beat out of him.


Check the article out here and enjoy your Monday!