Thousand Dollah Bills, Y’all

When I say to you that I saw a stack of about 15 of these over the weekend, you’ll believe one of many things:
1)  I’m a big, fat liar
2)  I robbed a bank and now have cash and no debt–yay Dave Ramsey!
3)  I picked up a job as a drug dealer
While many of these answers might excite you, the real answer is I saw someone ELSE’S stack of thousand dollar bills in their ginormous safe sitting next to their 20 Rolex watches inside their larger-than-my-bedroom gun “closet” fully equipped with it’s own alarm system.
No big whoop.
This was just one piece of my weekend that also includes laughing so hard that I could swear someone kicked me in the ribs and having a dance party (you rocked it, N’Sync) while a college acquaintance (I don’t use the word friend, cuz we weren’t/aren’t) remained passed out like a champ on B’s couch.  B, the Demmecks, and I then proceeded to leave said “friend” while we went out downtown….and came back to him still being shady on the couch. Breathing, but shady nonetheless.
The full post may take awhile, but I’ll get it all written down because you will NOT want to miss out. Reason being, I’m going to have to come up with some killer aliases because Mr. Thousand-Dollah-Bills-Y’all thinks there’s a possibility he could be kidnapped.  
Yes, I’m serious.

Monday Randoms!!

Hey DWC gang…I’m trying out a new nickname, did it work? Did it work for all one of you who read this? (Thank you reader!)

So this weekend was an eventful one…literally!! I had several things lined up and managed to make it to most of them.

Friday, I went to dinner with a group of friends and made my way out to Floore’s Country Store to see Max Stalling and Robert Earl Keen….only I missed Max because I was enjoying some yummy chalupas.

There were a TON of people there. Seriously–a TON…some of them may have come close to weighing this much as well. There was some EXCELLENT people watching to be had on Friday night, and since I’ve been doing South Beach and I’m not drinking, I really got to soak it all in.

Saturday, I woke up and decided that I was going to do nothing. And I pretty much accomplished just that. I watched True Blood back to back to back…and I’m still left wondering if I really like it or if it’s just entertaining/shocking. Honestly, I think “Twilight” is more my speed, but there’s something about this vampire theme that’s intriguing to me. And ironically, I really am not a fan of scary movies. Scared is not an enjoyable or “fun” emotion in my mind.

So is this interest disturbing to me? Slightly!!

Regardless, Winston and I sat in the La-Z-Boys and watched all day. I’ll reference this photo should you choose not to believe that she sits in her own chair:

See? I wouldn’t lie to you. I think this was a pretty intense part…you can see it in her eyes.

On Saturday, Winston and I were truly left to doing exactly what we wanted: we got some breakfast, got a diet coke, did a little drivin’, and headed home to retire in our chairs.

She loves the car.

As soon as we finished this difficult task, we got ourselves up, took a shower, and prepared for an engagement party. I know some of you may be saying to yourselves, “Libby, wasn’t that last weekend?”

Yes. Yes you’re right. But if you could only lead the glamorous life of Libby for a few weeks you would soon find that this is the norm.

The party was SO FUN!! It was given by a bunch of couples that are my age and was at the cutest house. The Bride & Groom had a blast and a good time was had by all!

Afterwards, I went to a wine bar to continue the party with a few friends…even though I wasn’t drinking. I’m into punishing myself like that apparently.

Sunday I woke up with the sun…and Winston in my face. I soon delivered her to the kitchen and went back to bed.

When I got up, we did our breakfast & diet coke run together. As you can see…no one is awake before their diet coke.

Soon after, Moo got home and we launched into Project Father’s Day. We got gifts, we went to the store, and we went home and started cookin’. For what felt like 3 days.

However, when the Pops got home, he was so surprised and that was worth it all…especially surprised at the ginormous rib eyes we came home with…which were amazing!! (Curtsy, bow, curtsy…thank you very much!)

We wound the night down around 10 or so and I went straight home and crashed in my bed. Only to look around at my room and realize that I was moving out on Thursday. THIS THURSDAY.

I have some work to do, my friends.

So it must be true what they say–the road DOES go on forever. And I’m pretty sure the parties will never end…

Wedding Crasher…

I actually am not. It would be kinda awesome though. Anyway, I’m in a wedding this weekend for one of my high school girlfriends and am really excited about seeing everyone.

It’s the same feeling I got a few days ago when I got my first email regarding my 10 year high school reunion. Only I know I won’t get to see all of the random people I don’t keep up with anymore but DEFINITELY am looking forward to getting a gander of.

I digress! So as I was carefully sitting at my desk thinking of what the heck I am going to wear to the rehearsal dinner, and the bridesmaid luncheon tomorrow I started thinking of my favorite movies with weddings in them and just wanted to share.

1) Not only is this a GREAT movie…and I’m pretty sure exemplifies every dad’s first daughter’s wedding, this is a great part. Look at the tension here as the Banks’ meet Bryan for the first time. EVER. And he’s engaged to their daughter. Amazing.

2) Who can forget the hilariousness that ensues when Molly Ringwald’s older sister gets a monthly gift early, pops a muscle relaxer, and ends up drooling on her groom? Classic.

3) And finally…the most fun wedding guests of all. However, I’m sure no one would want them near an open bar:

And lets be honest…who doesn’t love a good wedding?

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!!

Drink Your Juice, Shelby

So…had a BIG weekend! It involved working out, weddings, movies, and another engagement party–I wish I were a wedding crasher but the reality is that I’m invited to said events. That means gifts, if you’re doing the math in your heads right now.

It also involved a HILARIOUS couple of hours where my mom gave my sister home-highlights. Because who needs to go and spend a month’s salary on a full pack, cut & blow dry when you can do it at home for a mere $10?? NO ONE.

Thank you to Revlon’s “Frost & Glow”, the musings of my youngest sister, me, my camera, and our favorite hairdresser Chlo-Reen (mom) we had a amazing Sunday that I will document for you this afternoon when I upload the pics…and video.

That’s right! You heard correct…I’m going to dabble in Vimeo this afternoon. Wish me luck.

Here Comes the Bride!

So I went to a bachelorette party this weekend for one of my best friends from high school, C-Dub.  We had a blast, we drank lots of wine, had some dee-lish delivery, and decorated cookies. That were SUPER CUTE before we got ahold of them after the wine. Unfortunately we were a little more into the chatting and catching up than paying any attention to the quickness that came with pressing the top of the spray can of icing. Oops…that might have been me. Anyway, here is the product of our artistic demand:
Clearly we will not be joining “Ace of Cake” anytime soon.  If you can’t tell what these were originally, they were panties, bras, diamond rings, and brides.  They turned out to be something that may or may not appear in the next version of “Friday the 13th.”  Since we all know they’re not finished making these yet.  After we destroyed the cute cookies, we promptly went to bed…no doubt thanks to the wine.
Saturday we woke up and ate some yummy breakfast tacos….let’s reflect on that for a minute. Nice.  Then we went on a nice, long walk–we had amazing weather this weekend and spent more of our time outside.  One of the only moments in the Texas calendar year where this is possible without absolute dehydration from sweating.  So of course, we took advantage.  After the walk, we cleaned up and went to a late, long lunch and did what we girls do best: eat and talk.
We had a fun lingerie party for the bride-to-be that evening, went to dinner, and then headed downtown for some debauchery!  I’d like to recall that explanation point…as I was one of the DD’s.  And happy to do it but let me tell you…it was A RIOT being totally sober and watching, no exaggeration, 3 different bachelorette parties grace the dueling piano’s tops.  Since I’m a lady, I will stop here, but I will say this–I’m glad I got to stay in my seat.  And C-Dub, if you’re reading this…your pictures are safe with me! 🙂   I will briefly touch on the fact that we sat at a table next to a very…intoxicated cowboy.  Who insisted upon dancing with his wife’s back all night since she refused to stand up and dance with him to EVERY. SINGLE. SONG.  What a sport…a lifetime pales in comparison to 8 seconds.  Poor lady.
Thanks to Marf for putting together such a fun weekend and let’s get geared up to send C-Dub into wedded bliss!!  (And hope that our dresses all fit.  🙂