Went to the Chapel…and We Got Married!

Wedding 1Thursday night I opened a much anticipated email from our wedding photographer, Darcie with Innovative Photography. (She’s amazing and there’s a link to her website. Use her!!)  I spent about an hour, with Pandora playing in the background, reviewing pictures from our wedding day with a large glass of pinot noir. What?

I had a blast going through all of the pics not just to see everyone but to actually get to relive the whole day. You always hear it from everyone “it goes by so fast!” “soak it all up!” and if you’re like me you kind of took those sentiments to heart but also thought there was no way you wouldn’t remember every aspect of the (so far) most important day of your life. I thought for sure I would remember so much more. And it really REALLY wasn’t because of alcohol! It just literally went by so fast and was a total blur. So going through the pictures was a little bit like going back in time and getting to do it all over again, without all of the nerves.

Which there were! Not because of anything specific but mostly because of all the PEOPLE, y’all! Holy moly…I don’t like the attention of “Happy Birthday” being sung to me in a restaurant, so gearing up to stand in front of 300+ people to say the most important words to my almost husband seemed really overwhelming. And public speaking doesn’t really bother me. Husband and I were laughing at the pictures because you can literally see the nerves draining from our faces throughout the slideshow. We look so much more relaxed post-ceremony, and then post-first dance, cake cutting, etc. we look like different people. Our usual selves, I guess, but much fancier.

The entire weekend was incredible and more than I could have ever asked for. Surrounded by so many close friends and family, we had an amazing rehearsal dinner complete with steel drums and a selfie stick. There were the perfect amount of heartfelt speeches and a wonderful meal.  My mother-in-law did an amazing job and everyone loved it. (Side note: I definitely hit the long ball with the in-laws, they’re the best.)

The wedding day was one of the most gorgeous March days. Literally. There were very few to precede or follow and if we’d had to tent the reception, well, we might have been in my parents backyard or something with my dad all George Banks-style at the BBQ pit. Because ridiculous is the price of a last-minute tent.  Sure, yeah, let’s just throw a nice car into the expenses of a wedding. So do-able. Only not at all.  And he’s a wiz on the grill, y’all, but you know what I’m saying.

Anyway, it was a gorgeous day and my aunts and grandmother had thrown the coolest brunch for the bridal party. Very relaxing, read: mimosas and bloody’s, and included a masterful creation of a cinnamon roll with bacon and grape jelly somehow worked into it. I can’t tell you how, but I can tell you that I could have had eleventy thousand of them because oh my gosh. Only, potbellies don’t compliment a wedding gown all that well and I needed that baby to zip so we went easy on brunch.

My mom and sisters and MIL and SIL got to the church very early, which was fine by me because I don’t like to rush in situations where some excitement/anxiety is present.  We slowly got ready to the background music of Motowns greatest hits and suddenly everyone was there and it was time to go! The day went by that fast.

I fought off the dirty cry (or as my friend Char says “the stepmom”) as my dad and I headed to the entrance of the church. And then the organ started playing and we were walking down the aisle. And it dawned on me about halfway down that I was walking down the aisle at my own wedding. It was like the day had been forging forward and my mind had finally caught up. We made it smoothly through a beautiful ceremony with no tripping–of words or feet–and in what seemed like 5 minutes we were outside waiting for everyone to take pictures. And were married!!

From that point forward, things went into ultimate fast-forward. We took pictures in the church, we got to the reception, we did our first dance, we cut the cake, we danced ourselves into oblivion with THE most incredible band ever and then it was over and we were leaving.

We’ll briefly skim over the part where our getaway car didn’t show up and we ended up taking the bands black minibus to our hotel instead. Because not much says “romance” like the sound of hydraulics and double-wide doors opening up.  Another great memory is arriving at the hotel (starving) and realizing that we had been given ALL of the to-go food (for my entire family who didn’t eat) and all of the leftovers from both cakes.  And we were heading to West Texas bright and early the next morning.

Those were the only things that went wrong in what was an otherwise insanely happy and perfect weekend, which were no big deal and provide for amazing stories now. It was the best weekend of my life so far because I entered into it with my best friend and left it with my husband. <Insert cheesy here. I know, but I don’t do it to you much. Just go with it.>

Anyway, I’ll leave you with a few other favorite pictures from the night.  I’m not sure why the alignment is so wonky. Yes I am. It’s because I don’t know how to arrange them. Sorry. And I promise to start working on some other posts of substance. Well, length anyway, I’m not sure how much “substance” you get from me. Ever.

Me and my sistahs

                          Me and my sistahs

Wedding Venue

              Wedding Venue



Groom's Cake

    Groom’s Cake

More wedding venue...different view

     More wedding venue…different view


Tuesday Catch Up!

Hey guys!

Sorry for the slow down last week. I got a little buried in post-wedding errands, finishing my wedding book (which I did!), printing pics for a little album and generally settling in. Oh! And my thank you notes are totally up to date and mailed. <small curtsy>

Then we got some bad news about my grandfather. I’m not going to go into it on the blog but we could use some prayers for him and our family right now.

On the bright side, I’m going to get to see both of my grandparents today and show them pics from the wedding, which they weren’t able to attend. So we’ll get to relive it with them!

Lots is going on right now between honeymoon plans, my moms birthday is this week, and Fiesta is on the horizon. And let’s not forget Easter!

My sister and I went to the Fiesta store yesterday (yes, that’s a thing) and picked up all kinds of fun stuff to decorate with. Including an Easter Bunny piñata and decorated stick, and cascarones–which for those of you who don’t speak Fiesta they’re confetti filled egg shells that you crack on someone’s head. For fun! (Unless it’s your house and you have to clean it.)

One last thing: my brother told me about a new HBO docuseries about Robert Durst called The Jinx. Husband and I started watching it last night and holy moly is this guy a mess. If you don’t know who he is (I didn’t until yesterday) it’s worth a watch. If you can handle the creepy.

I promise to get you some better wedding recaps this week! Because a girl has gotta have goals. Allegedly.


Hey guys…remember me?  Probably not since I last posted almost TWO YEARS AGO.

Pathetic. Really.

Here’s some news for you: I’m on an 8 week sabbatical from work. In a good way! They didn’t ask me to do it or anything, they actually offer it. More on that later.

The actual news is that one of the reasons I wanted to take this sabbatical was to get back to writing on the blog.  I also needed a few minutes to get MARRIED and go on a honeymoon. More on that later, too.

Anyway, I’m back, baby!! Stay tuned because with no job to go to, and thank you notes I’m desperately avoiding writing, that means you are my new job.  DWC is back in business. I’m just hoping it’s not a flop and that I can actually still write.

Time will tell! (And so will the blog stats, I guess.)

See you manana!


I always have wonderful plans to write blog posts…but they don’t often seem to happen.

Since I’m so clearly successful at this blogging gig, I’ve decided that I might start writing a book. Maybe.

All none of you will probably want to read it if it comes to fruition.

If it does though, look out. I plan on it making me eleventy dollars so I can retire to Marfa, TX.

A Day Late

But a huge THANK YOU to all that serve and have served our country and give us the freedoms we enjoy!

All Things Aside…

…words cannot express my elation over the end of the political commercials.

I don’t even remember what actual commercials sound like anymore.

I guess they have lots of jingles and maybe Christmas music, judging by what I’ve heard so far, which totally confuses me.

I hear “Jingle Bells” in the background of a sweater commercial and I swear to you I feel like I’m in a soap opera and have “lost time” for a few weeks. In addition to the fact that if I wore a sweater outside right now I would have sweat rings in seconds.

Please world, return to normal and follow the calendar we all learned in Pre-K. The one where Thanksgiving is next and the months are indicated by snowflake clip art. Mmmkay?




This will be me tomorrow….at work!  Tomorrow is our annual company-wide Oktoberfest celebration, which is really just our excuse to have a fun oompah band, drink some beer (responsibly and after the work day is complete), climb a rock wall, play some laser tag, and just enjoy each others company.

There are definitely days that suck at work–we all have them and it’s why they pay you and call it “work”–but days like tomorrow, strenuous as they may be from an event perspective, really make me sit back and think “I get paid to do this. Nice.”

If you’re reading this and have heard me gripe about my job before, this will probably not outweigh that experience for you (sorry and thanks for listening). But getting to see all of the hard work come together and turn into something cool that people bring their kids to and enjoy….not too shabby.

Now excuse me whilst I go lift a few weights so that I can really pack a punch if someone doesn’t like it.  KIDDING!!  Or am I…


Monday, Whiney Monday

I have good news!! It’s 4:00pm, which means that Monday is almost over!!

It’s been one of those.  Where you feel like no matter how much traction or progress you make, you’re still in the same place.  It did rain again today, so that’s great news–free water on the yard! (See…I told you this is what it’s come to.)

And Homeland started last night.  Did you see it? I won’t say anything, but WOAH.  I’m not sure how I’m going to do waiting a week between episodes. And there are definitely some things from last season that need to be addressed still, but as I always hear, patience is a virtue.

Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion Special #1 was also last night. It was about as exhausting as typing that title. Lots of yelling, lots of making yourself look really bad (lookin’ at you Tre) and clearly almost all issues remain unresolved.  If in fact this show isn’t scripted, it’s devastating to watch such a private family feud so publicly. And it’s really nasty, to boot. Stay tuned for at least another episode!

But hey, it’s all in the name of entertainment, right?  Hopefully tonight’s TV lineup won’t disappoint and maybe we’ll get a little more rain in the forecast. That would end this Monday on a high note.

Better luck manana, muchachos!


Image  So nice to meet you.  And so happy you’ll be vacationing in Florida right before we are!  Please do us all a favor and leave the beach alone.  This is a much needed, much deserved vacay and we’d all just love it if it didn’t include watching static tv stations and playing hours of “Scene It: Friends Version” inside on the DVD player.  (Mostly because I’d dominate and instantly be thrown out of the game.)

On another note.  Poops won a “spa day” for 10 friends and it took place on Saturday.  This was a working vacation, if you know what I mean.  I will not reveal the names of the semi-innocent because that’s just not right, but let me tell you, it’s the last time any of us will be entering a contest at the nail salon. The products were alright if you consider “relaxing” to be scrubbing your own hands and giving yourself a foot massage with assorted lotions. If that’s your thing, you would have loved this. When I relax, I don’t enjoy scrubbing my own feet or having lotions applied to only one side of my face.  To each their own.

So I mentioned that I’m a homeowner now–big things have been happening while I haven’t been posting–and it’s a lot of work! Unfortunately for you guys, my posts will now probably include very “Old School”-like sprinklings of “I scrubbed my bathroom floor free of glue this weekend” or “I listened to Spotify and watered my new grass for an hour and a half on Sunday” and “I got dressed up to go to Home Depot/Lowes”…because I did and you DO see a lot of people there.  It’s better for you to anticipate comments like this and actually be surprised with exciting stories…kind of like dreading going to a party and then you end up having the time of your life.

So there’s your weekend recap–exciting, I warned you.  Everyone have a great Monday and hope that Florida is still intact next week–for my sake and of course, those who live there!