A Few Pop Culture Updates…

So Kimye is having another baby.  She’s beyond excited, y’all.  The rest of us just really want to know what she’s going to name it.  I’m guessing it’s going to be unique, what do you think?  I think they could also capitalize on hashtags if they went with “Baby SXSW”….or South by Southwest for those of you who needed a translation.  There is some mileage to get out of that one, you have to admit. And baby North (who will probably be slighted with just one name) seems just stoked about it as seen here. I mean…they really all do.

kimye.imgI’d be confused, too, North.  Especially because I wonder if her dad’s everyday vernacular is as bleeped out as most of his current live performances.

Anyway, enough about them. Let’s move onto Bruce.  (These Kardashians have put out a lot of news lately.)

Today, Vanity Fair went public with their new cover of Bruce as Her, complete with the name reveal. She is now called Caitlyn and I have to say, she looks pretty good. Better than I thought.

BruceAlso…as if we hadn’t had enough from the “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy, author E.L. James is penning a new novel for the series. From Christian Grey’s point of view.  Basically a “why are you so weird” and “how did you get this way” perspective.

It should be interesting?

Oh, and Paul McCartney isn’t smoking pot anymore. There goes any chance for a Sgt. Pepper’s remake. You have to respect the guy though. He’s a parent and a grandparent and has made the decision so that he can set a good example.

That’s all I’ve got for today! If you’re disappointed with that, take a look at Saturday’s post.  It’s long-winded and should satisfy you until my next chronicled adventure. If you’re still reading.  🙂


Sunny Saturday

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but we’ve had a little rain in South Texas lately.  While great for the plants, aquifer and lakes it has come in the form of some violent storms and left behind mass destruction, in the likes that the state has never actually seen before. Families and friends are left with the heartache of missing and lost loved ones and we are bracing for yet, more rain. Keep our dear state and residents in your thoughts and prayers.

As a result of all of this rain, the mosquitoes, bugs, and pests have been basking in the glory.  Which led to an amazing call from my sister and her husband yesterday about help taking care of a rodent problem.  I’ll just say that they used to have a brand new spatula and woke up yesterday with about half of one.  Gross.

Side note: this is what husband and his family do for a living. Shameless plug: they’re the best and you should call them. You can find more info here. They have a wonderful and environmentally conscious (and pet friendly) pest control business. And if you live in South Texas you want them around.  I have the cutest bug guy, just saying.  🙂  I thought I should give you a little background as to why Husband was called on to help handle this. My sisters husband, The Counselor, is a very manly guy, but he’s an attorney and likes sticking to that manner of business. I don’t blame him. We share a distinct hatred for snakes, rodents and the likes and I think our bond is stronger for it. Also, he gets all of the “oops I got a parking/speeding/texting ticket” questions so it evens out.

Back to the story. I go by my sisters house yesterday on my way home from work because Husband is there helping them out and it’s Friday afternoon and time for a celebratory cocktail. (But not for Poops because of the little nugget she’s getting ready to have.) So I walk in and Husband is in his happy place. Climbing behind things, searching through those strange house nooks and crannies that we all like to ignore because where the heck does that hole lead to, and getting into general dirtiness that we girls just aren’t having.

Before we left yesterday, my sister and her husband’s house was an obstacle course of rodent trappings and we were all just hoping that their lab, Ellie, didn’t go nose first into a glue trap. It’s highly likely and I’m still waiting for it. She’s curious.

So there was no surprise this morning, only COMPLETE AND TOTAL EXCITEMENT when Poops called and said “Y’all need to get over here. We got one.”  So off we went, me along for the ride, to see what they caught.

Over the next hour of watching the extraction of the culprit several emotions rushed over Poops and I. I’ll walk you through them.

1)  Hysterical laughter:  watching Husband on the floor face to face with a LIVE rat and The Counselor several feet back with a hand saw, a drill and work gloves on will get you an ab workout like you’ve never had before. There are pictures and a video, but I’d like to stay in good graces with The Counselor so this story is enough.

2)  Fear:  when we heard the words LIVE rat.  I thought for a fleeting minute that I might become a midwife because Poops was getting so freaked out and worked up about it.

3)  Anxiety: for my own future. Seeing the look of love for ones job so clearly and fearlessly in Husbands eyes as he worked made me instantly scared of our own future children.  What will they be scared of if their dad can handle a live rodent? Dear Lord….help me.

4)  Relief:  Poops and The Counselors home is safe again.  This thing had escaped a trap and was living under their refrigerator while they moved around like normal all morning. The criminals are gone and the people can rest easy.

So I’d say that it was a pretty exciting morning for everyone.  Now we’re off to try and soak up some vitamin D before the clouds roll back in and we all retreat to our couches for movie night and food that is bad for us but delivered to our doors because we couldn’t possibly get out in this weather.  Stay safe and dry everyone!

What day is it?

Is it possible that someone could write me one of these for work? 

In all seriousness does anyone know what day it is? These short weeks, though awesome as they are, always have me totally turned around.

For instance, I’ve made two sets of plans for the same night twice now. Don’t worry, everything is straightened out and no one was hurt. (Except my ego. And my gmail calendar.)

Also, I have thought my hair appointment was tomorrow, day after tomorrow and then tomorrow again. (It’s really tomorrow and if you’re reading this I will be there.) Because a reschedule in that department is not just near impossible but also quite literally makes you look like an idiot.

Or Shakira back in the major dark roots days.

That may still be what she does, I don’t know for sure because she’s not on The Voice now.

Anyway, if someone could get back to me on where I’m supposed to be tomorrow and push me along until Friday at 5, that would be great.



Sabbatical Hobbies

I’m working on a honeymoon recap and some pics to share of the fabulous resort where we stayed to share with you later today. 

But in the mean time I needed to brighten up the house and exercise some creativity. 



…this happened! I love the perkiness and happy that comes with fresh flowers. I also love the challenge of what to use and where to put it. 

I promise I’ll stop procrastinating here in a minute and get you that story though! 

Unless I find more flowers…

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Here is my daily schedule right now:

Wake up, work out (maybe), call mom and see what she’s up to, run a few errands, grab lunch, write thank you notes, talk to husband somewhere in there, figure out dinner, eat, watch DVR, go to bed.

It may not sound thrilling but it’s amazing. And the fact that I’ve kept up with thank you notes has actually got me impressed with myself. I also mixed things up today and swapped out my summer and winter closets. 

Boom. Those are called goals, my friends. 

Update on my grandfather (and thank you for the sweet notes): he’s actually doing great. He literally came back from the brink and we are working with that and thankful for more time with him. 

Husband and I finished The Jinx. I stand by what I said–you have to watch it!! I’m hearing that next on the list is Bloodline. Apparently it’s the new Sopranos. And it’s on Netflix so we can all feed our binge watching addictions! 

We are heading to a crawfish party tonight to kick off Easter weekend, though we may end up swimming there because the humidity is at about eleventy percent.

Happy Easter, y’all!! 

Starting off the Week Right

Hey there! (I’m still probably only talking to my dad, who was the first only person to comment on my post yesterday about 5 minutes after I posted it. You’ve GOT to love a fan. Especially him!)

Anyway, so that you don’t think that I’m just patch-working a post today to have posted something (you’ll never know the truth) I have to tell you that I’ve been taking notes and collecting different posts I want to include over the next few weeks to catalog everything that’s been going on lately.  In the near future (perhaps tomorrow) I may be the person at the chic coffee shop that you look at and wonder “How does she make a living? I mean, surely she’s not making a cent sitting in this coffee shop typing on her blog.”  I’m here to tell you that for the next 8 weeks, I am.  #sorryimnotsorry

Like I mentioned yesterday, getting back to writing is what I’m trying to focus on during my sabbatical from work. I believe I’ve mentioned in a few posts over the years that I love to write and would actually love to write a book one day.  You probably wouldn’t believe it given the fact that I think I’ve posted on this blog now 4 times in the last 2 years in addition to the fact that most of my posts are me regurgitating pop news and giving my completely unsolicited opinion about it. If that doesn’t immediately transfer to NY Times Bestseller in your head, well we just don’t know each other.

My point is…I’m trying to get some good material organized to share with you guys, so in the meantime I’ll leave you with some classic random thoughts. You don’t have to thank me. You do have to check back regularly, follow the blog, and comment on posts. Kidding. (It would be really nice though.)

  • Rob Kardashian’s Twitter account. Ok, ALLEGEDLY he was hacked. Why is this a big deal, you ask? Read here. He basically is calling his sister a psycho on Twitter. Ouch. Truly…I can’t tell if this is real or if someone punked him.
  • Candice Bergen has gained 30 lbs and is thrilled about it. Good for you, girl. So long as a heart attack and diabetes don’t come a-knockin, you keep on keepin’ on.
  • Are you watching The Royals on E! ? Jury is still out for me…but I can see myself getting sucked in.
  • House of Cards. If you’re not watching, you need to get real. If you don’t have Netflix, we should probably just stop our relationship here.
  • Proposals in the air? I just saw a video of an Alaskan Airlines pilot proposing to his flight attendant in-flight. That’s just pretty spectacular there. Unless she had said no, and then….awkward. Stuck in that tension 30,000 feet in the air *could* have been a nightmare. I’d have asked for a free drink ticket. I bet the flight attendant would have started making it rain with them before I asked though.

That’s it for now! I’ll have more cohesive thoughts tomorrow…at least that’s the plan.  😉

Today is the Day…

For stupid questions.  I think it’s all I’ve gotten all day today.  Not to be a debbie downer, but I think with just a touch more searching, everything being asked could be quite easily found.  I guess we can just blame it on sheer Monday laziness…

On another note, I am sort of but not really looking forward to the last debate tonight.  Looking forward to it being the last one.  Not really wanting to watch it since I have Bruno Mars hosting SNL on my DVR.  But I feel like I need to be a responsible voter and watch. I also feel like it’s a bit of a train wreck that you just can’t take your eyes off of.  Not that the debate is a train wreck, but like watching something happening that you just can’t stop watching.  Does that make any sense?

Clearly no.  So I’ll leave you with this.  I’m so back into Gossip Girl and I don’t know why.  I can’t quit you, GG!

TGI…What Day Is It?

I’m going to try to leave my sour mood out of this post and spare y’all on a Friday, which is usually the most awesome day of the week.  Mine has acted WAAAYY too much like a Monday for my taste.  Snarky emails, lots of requests and changes, and lots of brainpower & patience required…of which I’m out.

However, life could be worse.  Your stolen iPhone could lead the cops to your drug stash. BUMMER. Does this guy look like someone who could outsmart Apple? Nay.  Just a tip, if you’re going to be dumb enough to steal an iPhone (or anything for that matter), maybe don’t carry your stash of heroin and drug paraphernalia ON you. There’s a little app called “Find my iPhone” and it did just that.  Police traced the phone to a convenience store and arrested this sharp individual.  Just in case…don’t steal and don’t do drugs. And especially don’t steal a smartphone. They’re actually living up to their names.

Be smart this weekend folks! No one likes a jailbird.

Random Thoughts on a Tuesday.

This is real exciting stuff folks, but let me explain why.  Friday, I tried to write an amazing blog post about “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” and it didn’t save/post.  So I’m a little mad and won’t rewrite it.  Except to say, what the hell is it?  The most I’ve gotten is that it has something to do with “Toddlers and Tiaras” and the poor little girl (Honey Boo Boo?) makes her stomach fat talk.  I’m serious.  This is what’s on television now.  <June Cleaver and Donna Read just gasped somewhere.>

Randomness ensues.

What do we think of Kate Middleton’s scandy going on?  Personally…I think it sucks that someone invaded her privacy the way they did.  Granted, you’re a princess, but you don’t have to stop experiencing every little thing that doesn’t show up in an Emily Post book just because of it.  Just sayin’.

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.  They are magic. And where have they been all my life?  I realize I may be late to the game on this one, but come on people…you gotta give them a golf clap.  In spite of the pirate earring, of course.

What is Google + and why is it special?  I don’t get it.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher.  I love it.  Could be because Hollywood fabricated it years ago via a little gem called “That 70’s Show” but whatevs….I’m diggin it. Good for you two!

Miley Cirus…still don’t get you.  And Amanda Bynes…I’m disappointed.  I thought you were better than this!! It’s ruined “What I Like About You.”

And Shaun White…what are we going to do with you?  I’m just kidding…who didn’t see this coming at some point?  You’re a boarder!! You’re hair is crazy! I rest my case.

Happy Tuesday!