Remember me?

It’s almost laughable that I have still managed to pay for this website and not write on it for 2 and a half years, but hey, the internet’s cheap.

So hi again – if any of you are still reading this. Not even sure my dad will see the blog at this point but if any of you haven’t given up, thanks! I promise I have more to say (2 1/2 years worth) and still, none of it is important.

Quick update for y’all as I sip a glass of lukewarm coffee…and am currently smelling of spit up.

That baby I talked about in my last post, well, she’s 2. ¬†And now she has a little sister who is 8 weeks old. So things have gotten a little crazier, the house and our hearts have become a little more full, and our closet space has decreased. But the wine supply is going up!