Friday fun!

It’s Friday!!!

You know what’s really fun though? Realizing you were so busy yesterday that you paid your mortgage twice instead of yours bills!

Yeah, that happened. Try explaining that to every branch of your bank as you try to fix it.

“Hi! Yes, loving the house. Apparently we now get to stay for two more months! Bad news though: no AC or water.”

It’s always nice to be on friendly terms with your bankers…I just never thought they’d be my first phone call on a Friday morning.

Maybe next week they could swing by with a skinny vanilla latte or something? It’s the least they could do.

More to come today because I owe ya some updates. You’ll have to get in line though because I’m on day 2 of judging our company talent show.

That’s right folks! They can code AND have a host (get it?) of other talents!! πŸ˜‰

Have a great Friday morning! And do yourself a favor and call your banker. They worry.

3 thoughts on “Friday fun!

  1. Bankers are one thing, but when you have your lawyer’s phone number memorized, as I do, that you realize life is more complicated than it ought to be…


  2. /man rotbe 40 azmon sarasary shdaom age az man mishnavid va3 kasi ke khonde bod kheyli rahat bod albate movafegham ke soalate well test ye meghdar mobham bod ba omid movafaghiate hamaton


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