Ice Ice Baby

Story of my life right now. Because nothing says “I’m hip and cool” quite like a sciatic/hip injury.  #oldlady

For the past 3 months or so, I’ve had some awful soreness in the muscles in my hip, which everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) diagnosed as a sciatic nerve issue.  Everyone’s a doctor, y’all. Myself included. We’re so lucky that everyone knows how to google Webmd. This is especially awesome because the only time I’ve heard people talk about sciatic nerves is when you’re pregnant, or you’re my grandmother. (No offense!) And I’m neither of those things. Let’s be clear.

So much to my ignorance, this is a thing that everyone of any age can get.  And don’t you especially love those little moments of clarity that your parents can sometimes provide you? You know, the ones that blow your mind because you’ve never heard the words they’re telling you come out of their mouths. Like NEVER. Never, never, never, ever, not even if you’re name were Heather, never.

I experienced one of these moments about a month ago when complaining about this “injury” and my mom (who had heard me talk about it before) pipes in with “Oh, you and I must have weak sciatic areas. I get that all the time.”


I’m sorry. Excuse me, what? I had literally started to worry that I had done some permanent damage during a strenuous cardio-pump class (with 8lb. weights, yeah right) that was going to lead me into an early nursing home tour. Diagnosed music to my ears? Yes. Shocking? Yes. Could have used that info a little sooner, mom! I may have stressed a few years off my life.

So yesterday, I went to see the onsite Airrosti therapist at work to get treated for this issue. It’s an awesome benefit provided to us and I figured, nothing could really hurt worse so I might as well go for it and get on the road to recovery.

WRONG.  This hurt worse.  The sciatic pain had sort of died down in the last week thanks to some religious power-walking so I was thinking I might be in the clear.  Not so much.  If you haven’t heard of Airrosti, you can click this link to learn more. Let me add to their warnings–this is NOT a massage!! This is some DEEP tissue realigning of things (tissue, in fact I think) that leaves you bruised and tender. With some fancy schmancy tape to keep things in place.

Apparently this injury has been a slow burn and wasn’t caused by any trauma pumping that iron in my classes.    I’ve created a slight gap in the ligaments in my hip that connect down into my hamstrings.  Who are also suffering, poor guys. It’s come from too much crossing my legs, too much standing with the weight on one leg or the other, and all kinds of awesome everyday things that I didn’t know were slowly killing me hurting me. I know you’ll all sleep better tonight, knowing that, so you’re welcome.

I left my torture appointment yesterday feeling better and with a handful of exercises and stretches to do for the next few days, along with icing instructions, twice daily. So here I sit, icing my butt/hip/lower back region.  Twice a day. Feeling more and more like an early retiree in Alaska and wondering if you really CAN see Russia from Sarah Palin’s backyard. (That’s a joke. I just wanted an Alaska tie-in.)

But seriously, as my friend Nicole said to me this morning “Isn’t it annoying how the older you get, the easier it is to hurt yourself doing stupid things?  Like walking or moving?” TRUTH. Preach sister. It IS annoying. So everyone do yourselves a favor: take those vitamins, do your yoga, and try not to hurt yourself getting from your car to your desk today.

And don’t be jealous that I’m massively bruised and get to go back in for more fun on Thursday. It should be fun considering I can’t even touch said area without wincing. #recovery

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