What day is it?

Is it possible that someone could write me one of these for work? 

In all seriousness does anyone know what day it is? These short weeks, though awesome as they are, always have me totally turned around.

For instance, I’ve made two sets of plans for the same night twice now. Don’t worry, everything is straightened out and no one was hurt. (Except my ego. And my gmail calendar.)

Also, I have thought my hair appointment was tomorrow, day after tomorrow and then tomorrow again. (It’s really tomorrow and if you’re reading this I will be there.) Because a reschedule in that department is not just near impossible but also quite literally makes you look like an idiot.

Or Shakira back in the major dark roots days.

That may still be what she does, I don’t know for sure because she’s not on The Voice now.

Anyway, if someone could get back to me on where I’m supposed to be tomorrow and push me along until Friday at 5, that would be great.



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