Sabbatical Confessions

confessionFirst thing’s first: if you haven’t tried you have to stop what you’re doing (after you read this of course) and go sign up. It is a free service that will change your life. Daily, I have about 40 emails that are all junk/shopping/etc. that I have to weed through to get to anything real. puts ALL of those into ONE email that you can scan through so you don’t miss a good sale. It’s like a preview of all of your junk mail. Do it. Do it now.  Because opening gmail and seeing 10 new emails as opposed to 40 is SUCH an awesome feeling. Spring Cleaning!

Also, if you don’t own a selfie stick you need to fix that. They’re hilarious, they start the party, and they just make sense. Pay the $7 on Amazon and thank me later.  This one is great.

Now, onto my confession. Over the course of the last year, I knew that I had reached the time at my company where I was eligible for a 4 week sabbatical.  To which you are allowed to add 4 additional weeks of vacation time to have a total of 8 weeks off, fully paid. Amah-zing. We can go into that another time.

The Husband and I had been dating for a while and had discussed marriage, our future, etc. so I knew where we were headed.  I also knew that I wanted to apply said sabbatical to a wedding/honeymoon time frame.  I had no other huge plans in mind like going to Africa or something–or the means to do that–so this seemed like the most DUH thing ever.

Only you have to apply for your sabbatical about 6-8 months before you plan on taking it. Which is fine you might say, but Husband and I were not even engaged at this point. And I figured an application turned into HR that asks “What do you want to use your sabbatical period for?” and my response being “To get married!!” would stir up quite some interest when I wasn’t even engaged. You’re more than welcome to read that last sentence as CRAZY…I would have.

So when I penned this wonderful application for my sabbatical, it dawned on me: I haven’t blogged in, what did I say before? An entire year? And that was one pathetic post.

“What do you want to use your sabbatical period for?”  “Writing on my blog again! And it’s always been a dream of mine to write a book or convert my blog into a book of short stories.” About absolutely nothing? It worked for Jerry Seinfeld.  Listen, if you haven’t realized it yet, I have a tendency to keep talking when there’s an awkward silence or just air to fill. Which usually leads to me over-committing myself. Like offering to become an author.

It is something I love doing–writing, that is. And would I love to write a book. Heck yeah? It sounds like fun! And how cool?? Would people read it? My dad would, I know that much! And Husband might. Or he’d pretend to make me feel good. He’s sweet like that.

So here we are! I know I haven’t given you much of substance yet (I WILL make good on that promise) other than maybe this post, but this is how it all started. And the beauty in this is that as the months went on, Husband and I did get engaged. And the wedding planning happened. And the wedding happened. And all of it (in an abbreviated form) gets to go into the blog book. Captured forever. In my shoddy writing.

On another note: if anyone out there in the interwebs knows how to write a book or even approach the right people to find out how, your assistance is more than welcomed! Because, goals people.

I feel much better having made my confession. Now on to egg hunts, eating and drinking too much, and loving on family for a fun-filled Easter weekend.

(But seriously, about that book guidance…help.)

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