Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Here is my daily schedule right now:

Wake up, work out (maybe), call mom and see what she’s up to, run a few errands, grab lunch, write thank you notes, talk to husband somewhere in there, figure out dinner, eat, watch DVR, go to bed.

It may not sound thrilling but it’s amazing. And the fact that I’ve kept up with thank you notes has actually got me impressed with myself. I also mixed things up today and swapped out my summer and winter closets. 

Boom. Those are called goals, my friends. 

Update on my grandfather (and thank you for the sweet notes): he’s actually doing great. He literally came back from the brink and we are working with that and thankful for more time with him. 

Husband and I finished The Jinx. I stand by what I said–you have to watch it!! I’m hearing that next on the list is Bloodline. Apparently it’s the new Sopranos. And it’s on Netflix so we can all feed our binge watching addictions! 

We are heading to a crawfish party tonight to kick off Easter weekend, though we may end up swimming there because the humidity is at about eleventy percent.

Happy Easter, y’all!! 

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