Are you on the Zayn Train?

Have you heard this? I mean, you must not be watching the news or reading the newspaper if you haven’t. Or The View. Or GMA.

Zayn Malik is leaving One Direction, y’all.

Literally until this morning, I couldn’t have told you which one he was except to say that he wasn’t Harry Styles. And I only know him because of the Taylor Swift fling. That’s him up there, by the way.

The reaction to this is Beatle-esque. Women/girls are calling in sick to work over this “tragedy.” There are multiple videos of girls crying over this. CRYING. It’s like chaos in the streets.

I’m not going to say that I wasn’t a little upset over N’Sync breaking up, but come on now. Not going to work? Not going about your day? Sending videos out into the interwebs of yourself dirty crying about a guy leaving a band?  Girls, you need some help. Get addicted to Pinterest or Instagram or something.  Next question.

Apparently Zayn is leaving to lead a normal life and have a family. With loads of cash in the bank. #smartestoneofthemall

On another note, how terrible is this Germanwings flight story? As of this morning, the copilot reportedly intentionally crashed the plane. (Find the story here.) How devastating for the victims and their families.  I’m sure in the coming weeks more information will be released that will reveal more of the whys but hopefully the families can find peace in the mean time.

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