Tuesday Catch Up!

Hey guys!

Sorry for the slow down last week. I got a little buried in post-wedding errands, finishing my wedding book (which I did!), printing pics for a little album and generally settling in. Oh! And my thank you notes are totally up to date and mailed. <small curtsy>

Then we got some bad news about my grandfather. I’m not going to go into it on the blog but we could use some prayers for him and our family right now.

On the bright side, I’m going to get to see both of my grandparents today and show them pics from the wedding, which they weren’t able to attend. So we’ll get to relive it with them!

Lots is going on right now between honeymoon plans, my moms birthday is this week, and Fiesta is on the horizon. And let’s not forget Easter!

My sister and I went to the Fiesta store yesterday (yes, that’s a thing) and picked up all kinds of fun stuff to decorate with. Including an Easter Bunny piñata and decorated stick, and cascarones–which for those of you who don’t speak Fiesta they’re confetti filled egg shells that you crack on someone’s head. For fun! (Unless it’s your house and you have to clean it.)

One last thing: my brother told me about a new HBO docuseries about Robert Durst called The Jinx. Husband and I started watching it last night and holy moly is this guy a mess. If you don’t know who he is (I didn’t until yesterday) it’s worth a watch. If you can handle the creepy.

I promise to get you some better wedding recaps this week! Because a girl has gotta have goals. Allegedly.


Technical Difficulties…

I just opened my laptop to do a multitude of things (writing a post being one of them) and I keep getting the gray screen and my computer won’t start. 

Have no fear, but hold your horses. I even wrote notes this morning on posts I needed to write.  😩  #typical

Starting off the Week Right

Hey there! (I’m still probably only talking to my dad, who was the first only person to comment on my post yesterday about 5 minutes after I posted it. You’ve GOT to love a fan. Especially him!)

Anyway, so that you don’t think that I’m just patch-working a post today to have posted something (you’ll never know the truth) I have to tell you that I’ve been taking notes and collecting different posts I want to include over the next few weeks to catalog everything that’s been going on lately.  In the near future (perhaps tomorrow) I may be the person at the chic coffee shop that you look at and wonder “How does she make a living? I mean, surely she’s not making a cent sitting in this coffee shop typing on her blog.”  I’m here to tell you that for the next 8 weeks, I am.  #sorryimnotsorry

Like I mentioned yesterday, getting back to writing is what I’m trying to focus on during my sabbatical from work. I believe I’ve mentioned in a few posts over the years that I love to write and would actually love to write a book one day.  You probably wouldn’t believe it given the fact that I think I’ve posted on this blog now 4 times in the last 2 years in addition to the fact that most of my posts are me regurgitating pop news and giving my completely unsolicited opinion about it. If that doesn’t immediately transfer to NY Times Bestseller in your head, well we just don’t know each other.

My point is…I’m trying to get some good material organized to share with you guys, so in the meantime I’ll leave you with some classic random thoughts. You don’t have to thank me. You do have to check back regularly, follow the blog, and comment on posts. Kidding. (It would be really nice though.)

  • Rob Kardashian’s Twitter account. Ok, ALLEGEDLY he was hacked. Why is this a big deal, you ask? Read here. He basically is calling his sister a psycho on Twitter. Ouch. Truly…I can’t tell if this is real or if someone punked him.
  • Candice Bergen has gained 30 lbs and is thrilled about it. Good for you, girl. So long as a heart attack and diabetes don’t come a-knockin, you keep on keepin’ on.
  • Are you watching The Royals on E! ? Jury is still out for me…but I can see myself getting sucked in.
  • House of Cards. If you’re not watching, you need to get real. If you don’t have Netflix, we should probably just stop our relationship here.
  • Proposals in the air? I just saw a video of an Alaskan Airlines pilot proposing to his flight attendant in-flight. That’s just pretty spectacular there. Unless she had said no, and then….awkward. Stuck in that tension 30,000 feet in the air *could* have been a nightmare. I’d have asked for a free drink ticket. I bet the flight attendant would have started making it rain with them before I asked though.

That’s it for now! I’ll have more cohesive thoughts tomorrow…at least that’s the plan.  😉


Hey guys…remember me?  Probably not since I last posted almost TWO YEARS AGO.

Pathetic. Really.

Here’s some news for you: I’m on an 8 week sabbatical from work. In a good way! They didn’t ask me to do it or anything, they actually offer it. More on that later.

The actual news is that one of the reasons I wanted to take this sabbatical was to get back to writing on the blog.  I also needed a few minutes to get MARRIED and go on a honeymoon. More on that later, too.

Anyway, I’m back, baby!! Stay tuned because with no job to go to, and thank you notes I’m desperately avoiding writing, that means you are my new job.  DWC is back in business. I’m just hoping it’s not a flop and that I can actually still write.

Time will tell! (And so will the blog stats, I guess.)

See you manana!