This will be me tomorrow….at work!  Tomorrow is our annual company-wide Oktoberfest celebration, which is really just our excuse to have a fun oompah band, drink some beer (responsibly and after the work day is complete), climb a rock wall, play some laser tag, and just enjoy each others company.

There are definitely days that suck at work–we all have them and it’s why they pay you and call it “work”–but days like tomorrow, strenuous as they may be from an event perspective, really make me sit back and think “I get paid to do this. Nice.”

If you’re reading this and have heard me gripe about my job before, this will probably not outweigh that experience for you (sorry and thanks for listening). But getting to see all of the hard work come together and turn into something cool that people bring their kids to and enjoy….not too shabby.

Now excuse me whilst I go lift a few weights so that I can really pack a punch if someone doesn’t like it.  KIDDING!!  Or am I…


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