TGI…What Day Is It?

I’m going to try to leave my sour mood out of this post and spare y’all on a Friday, which is usually the most awesome day of the week.  Mine has acted WAAAYY too much like a Monday for my taste.  Snarky emails, lots of requests and changes, and lots of brainpower & patience required…of which I’m out.

However, life could be worse.  Your stolen iPhone could lead the cops to your drug stash. BUMMER. Does this guy look like someone who could outsmart Apple? Nay.  Just a tip, if you’re going to be dumb enough to steal an iPhone (or anything for that matter), maybe don’t carry your stash of heroin and drug paraphernalia ON you. There’s a little app called “Find my iPhone” and it did just that.  Police traced the phone to a convenience store and arrested this sharp individual.  Just in case…don’t steal and don’t do drugs. And especially don’t steal a smartphone. They’re actually living up to their names.

Be smart this weekend folks! No one likes a jailbird.

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