It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World…

What is UP with this place, y’all??

I just read on MSN that some no-name actor beat his 81 year old landlady to death while also falling to his own death from what I read as a six foot wall.  There’s your karma, buddy.  Who does that?!

Fall is apparently the best time to fall in love, also according to MSN.  Personally, I think anytime would be great if it’s with your person. Just sayin…beggars can’t be choosers here people. And lest we forget…we are not in charge.  (I mean, if we were, I wouldn’t still be battling a swollen top of my foot from “falling” on my parents “cocktail table” while “dancing” at my sisters “engagement celebration.”  You can strike that last set of quotes, it actually WAS her engagement celebration rave.  YAY for Poops and Fin-dog!!)

In a time where celebrities and Hollywood seem to shape a lot of our fashions and sometimes opinions (we’re being honest, right?) I find it an appropriate time to get serious with you guys. (I don’t do this EVER on social media, so do me a favor and hear me out.)  Regardless of your stance, your opinion, anything, I think we can all agree that this country needs some help.  As a Christian, I pray to God that WHOEVER is elected into public office is guided by Him to do right for this country and its people. I hope that you will join me in doing the same. Max Lucado (one of my faves) is leading a 40 Days of Prayer for the elections and our country. Again, this is not a political stance–it’s for anyone elected. Find out more here and let’s give America the extra push she needs.

Thanks for listening and coming back!



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