I Meant What I Said

I really did. What was a sore throat yesterday became an overnight sinus infection. I wont be fooled though…this isn’t my first rodeo with these babies.
So where do I find myself now whilst missing some important meetings at the office? At the minor emergency clinic. Ready for my feel-good shots and doses of realty. I’m telling you, the excitement in my life! I’m one step ahead of this infection.
I can take this opportunity to tell you that we are also rapidly approaching flu season, so be the responsible adults I know you are and get yourself a flu shot. I think they’re practically giving them away these days so there’s no reason not to. I’m almost shocked that the Salvation Army hasn’t trained their Santas on how to administer the shots…what a one, two punch that would be! And at every mall and street corner throughout the season! Should we start a pool on what animal based flu will sweep the nation this year? Just sayin…
Take care of yourselves folks– the molds, assorted flus and saccharin are on the loose and you never know what’s next.

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