ImageRemember these guys?!?! “Perfect Strangers”? Balki?? Estranged cousins living together? Hilarity ensues.

And remember the days as a kid that your big Friday night consisted of ordering pizza with your friends and watching TGIF on ABC? Here was the lineup, in case you’ve forgotten:  “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper”, “Perfect Strangers”, “Full House”, “Family Matters”, “Step By Step”, “Boy Meets World”.  Duh.  There are so many gems in there. The 90’s were good to their TV people! And I guarantee all of you crushed hard on at least one person in the TGIF family.

On another note, I think how I feel on Fridays is best described in that old Southwest Airlines commercial where all of the adults are spinning in their chairs at work, throwing papers in the air and peeling out in the parking lot like it’s the last day of school.  IT’S FRIDAY PEOPLE!!!!!  (Subsequently, I cannot find that video ANYWHERE on the inter webs….)

Also…sad day for Prague.  The government has banned the sales and export of liquor due to a bad batch of bootleg alcohol that caused several to die or become blind. I’d say that was not just a bad but a pretty bad batch. Sad for them also considering they’re one of the heaviest drinking nations in the world. (Did you know?) At least they still have beer. Does anyone else see the opportunity for their own modern-day version of “Boardwalk Empire”?  Hey, when life gives you lemons…make a tv show.  The Kardashians did.

Bet they wouldn’t have made friends on the TGIF lineup.




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