So Clearly…

that didn’t happen–the new blog with Poops.  Nor did my writing anything at all at any time in the last almost year to the date. I find that a little impressive. So with that, I’ve decided (yet again) to celebrate another year of DWC by starting to post again–I don’t blame you for even a second if you don’t believe me. I sort of don’t, but I have the best intentions, right?

Lots of new things have happened in a year. I’m an aunt to the coolest kid in town. I’m a homeowner (expect to hear more about that). I’ve had some fun adventures at work–including planning a wedding (for a fellow employee…way more to that one–can you be fired for sharing that?).  And lots more things I can’t think of right now because they so clearly made an impact.  So there’s the excitement you’re going to get here! Stay tuned…it may or may not get better than this post.  

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