Fuel for Your Monday Tank

How was your weekend?  Mine was really good. Except for when I woke up Saturday morning and had to sit at the vet with Winnie for 1 1/2 hours because she was gnawing on her paw again.  Poor lil’ Punkin….I think she’s allergic to her hands.  (See here.)

Anyway, after our bonding session I did all of nothing but hang with the Mommies (Moo’s new name…because she’s going to be one!) and Poops.  We hit up La Cantera and did some light window shopping and actually resisted the temptation to buy anything. Miracle. In. Itself.

So I was just wondering if you guys were having as difficult a time as I was acknowledging that the weekend is over. If you are…let this little gem of a site make you smile, giggle, and pass the hours.  Three and counting.

You’ll enjoy very obvious Seinfeld-esque humor as described here:


Have a great day and enjoy!


That’s Not What I Meant…



Damn You Auto Correct!

I am laughing so hard at this site that I can’t even come up with anything to post.

Just go there. Go there now.  And you’ll be crying with laughter in minutes.

Warning:  Some of it is offensive…but to be fair, it’s usually because of the auto correct.

Are You Down With Brad?

Brad-Womack-Bachelor I’ll tell you….I’m kinda thinking no.

I mean…did I like that he didn’t rashly (word??) choose anyone before–sure I did.

Do I really want to see him get slapped (in the promo for tonight), struggle through the process, and MAYBE do the same thing again? Only we all know ABC will not contractually let that happen.

Meh.  Still not too sure.

I’m going to try a poll with you guys and see if you’ll bite on this one…I’d love to know who’s over it, under it, or doesn’t care.

Ya know what I AM down with?  The premiere of Lifetime’s “The Craigslist Killer.”  Premiering tonight on Lifetime at 9PM/8 CST.

In the Woo Year…


Winston’s New Years Resolution?  Not to run around and get stung/bit by something in the back yard.

And have her paw swell up to twice the size.

And chew on it profusely until it’s very sad looking.

And have to go to the Emergency Pet Clinic on New Years Eve.

And have her temperature taken in an uncomfortable location.

And get two shots.

But mostly…not to wear a soft cone.

Ever. Again.

It’s very apparent in this picture that the feelings she had regarding the cone were no bueno.


Happy New Year!!!

new year -2011

1/1/11.  A new year, some new numbers to remember when writing a check (which, do many people even do anymore?), and another new opportunity for great things to come.  Each day really is, but somehow New Years seems to pack a little more of a punch.

For New Years, I’m not going to make any number of resolutions.  Instead, I’m just going to try to be a better me–in any aspect I can do so.  (Here’s where if I had an audio clip it would say “wah wah”–but it’s true, and I mean it.) Seems a little simpler than making a laundry list of things I’ll lose in the Notes on my iPhone and forget to try to look for again.

Here’s to you, here’s to a new year with new beginnings and, God willing, great things!!  Oh, and I’ll definitely be striving to be a better blogger.  Because listen, there’s always going to be a new story…especially when a resolution is at hand.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll tell you about Winnie and her new soft cone.  Yep–2010 went out with a bang for that lady.