…no excuses.

But I’m back now!! And here are a few noteworthy items:

1)  I accidentally bought a camera on eBay this week.  I’m very serious when I say “accidentally.” I did not mean to purchase this item…that day.  Luckily it’s something I’ve wanted forever.  And now it’s an early Christmas gift. To myself.  How precious.

2)  I recently went on the most FABULOUS vacation ever.  I can’t say much more, but it was revitalizing, amazing, I saw famous people, penguins fornicating (disturbing), and heard the song “Like a G6” more time that anyone ever should.

3)  Kate “Almond Joy” and I are still planning our podcast.  We swear.  We’ve also had a blast generating more topics than we’ll ever cover…which means you’ll most likely get one REALLY long podcast that touches on everything under the sun.  And why Gweneth Paltrow needs to make us all feel bad about ourselves by becoming a country singer.  Do you not have enough if your life already, Gwen?  Is this your stab at Madge?  We’ll discuss.

4)  During my work and pleasure travels I’ve been witness to many human oddities.  Like this:

book butt

Really, sir?  Is there NOWHERE else to store this?  I’m sure Frank Waters really appreciates having to park it on the top end of your crack until we all sit down on the plane.

And then there’s this:

woman sleeping

“Just 5 more minutes, boss.”  I’d like to say she was driving cross-country to find her long-lost love, child, pet (insert your own sympathy here) but this was in California.  You’re either just starting or just ending that trip. Is the nap THAT necessary?

That’s all for today. But the holidays are right around the corner, I’ll have a new camera (still a little sick about that one) and there will be stories aplenty.  STAY TUNED!

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