Shorthand for these are the best commercials ever.  After chatting today with a friend about my favorite commercials (of which I’m usually not a fan) these are the few that I will NOT fast-forward through.  I’ll actually rewind back to these. Which is sayin’ a lot!

#1:  This one absolutely kills me.  I’ll fess up to having snorted with laughter the first time I saw this. Ok, every time.

#2:  This isn’t the one I wanted to post. But for some reason I cannot find the video anywhere!! I’m beginning to think I made it up. It was Southwest Airlines maybe?  All of the employees are leaving for the weekend and they’re screaming, cheering, throwing their reports up in the air, pushing each other down the sidewalk in their wheelie chairs, and then a mini van peels out.  It’s classic. And if it’s not already been done, I call shotgun on it.  But this one’s funny, too.

#3:  This is just funny. I like the very end. Because who doesn’t want to sound cool when they ask for the guac?

#4:  Talking babies.  I mean, come on…what’s not to love? Especially when the baby howls.

#5:  I really like throwing this line out randomly. Because no one is ever expecting to be called a lint licker.

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