Quote of the Day!!

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! TGIF!!! WORKIN’ FOR THE WEEKEND!!!  FELICIDADES DE VIERNES!!!  (Did that last one make any sense?  Eight years of Spanish down the tubes.)

In honor of Friday, I wanted to share with you one of my absolute favorite quotes.  I learned it from my great grandmother, Mimi, when I was MUCH younger and probably worrying about cheerleading tryouts or a dance or, what color Keds to get next or something.  It made sense then…and it makes even more sense now.  AND there’s a complete sense of comfort and peace that comes from hearing it.

So are you ready?  I’m gonna give it to you right between the eyes today. It’s Friday, go have a toddy later if it rattles you to the core.  Which it will, because it’s truly quite simple.

Here it is:

“Do not worry.  For today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday…and all is well.”

Chew that over for a while and see if you like the taste. Then stitch it on a nice lil’ pillow and rest your head on it.

Happy Friday!!

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