Shout Out to my Webmaster!!

You know who you are, you Google Webmaster, you.  Without said coworker, you may very well have continued to type in this URL and gone to who knows where!

In a fit of “I’m sick of the look of this blog” rage, I migrated everything over to WordPress yesterday.  And then my domain name ( kept linking everything back to the old blog.  And while I may work at a tech company, this is waaaayyy beyond my understanding. Hair was about to be pulled out and it was NOT pretty.

So I called in our resident Google Webmaster and begged and pleaded for him to “FIX IT!!!”

And fix it, he did.  I love the new look, I love all of the cool tools in WordPress.  It’s kinda the same feeling as buying new workout clothes–it makes me want to blog again.  (Or workout again…whichever way you read that. But you know what I meant.)

For those of you who have subscribed in the past, I think you’ll have to do it again, but it looks to be a MUCH easier process than before. BONUS!!

Also, any of you kind enough to link to my blog via your websites, maybe try your links and be sure they still work. Again…I’m not sure how this whole “internet” thing really works.  I’m just sayin’…I watched Google Webmaster pull up some all black screens with cursors and crazy *&^% and it scared me a little.  I’m not gonna lie.

Then I took another look at the pretty new background and said “whatever” and kept on.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Please keep coming back and I promise I’ll keep coming up with random stories to include.

My friend Berf is coming to town this weekend…we’re very capable of drumming up material.

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