Bikram Yoga…

How I wish I could love thee…

So, I went with Rebdon and Char to Bikram Yoga Tuesday night for the first time ever. I was all geared up, a little confused that there were so many rules, but ready to sweat.

A little back story:  I get pretty severe headaches/migraines. Sometimes out of the blue and sometimes as I’m working out.  I’ve tried tracking them with no success so I was a little apprehensive about being in a 120 degree room sweating everything from now to last year out of my body.  But I love yoga and I was excited.

Below are the accounts of my Bikram Experience for your entertainment.  I seriously could not make this stuff up.

First of all, I loved how it felt and I loved the sweating.  I was rockin’ my way through the class, kinda thinking that this was awesome and would definitely be my new thing as I calculated the gym dollars I’m spending vs. how much this would cost me and deciding if, in fact, it could be fiscally responsible to make it my new thing.

About 2/3 of the way through, and I believe at approximately the Scorpion pose or something, I started feeling a migraine coming on. I tried ignoring it for as long as possible and then decided I might pass out, so I laid on my mat  for a while trying to breathe and hoping it would just go away. (#1 cardinal rule…Thou Shalt Not Stare at People When You Need a Break)

Because I’m stubborn, I kept getting up when I felt just slightly better and continuing the workout which must have just made my body so so angry with me because with about 3 or 4 poses left, I had to collapse on the ground, head pounding, wanting to die. And gasping, hoping, begging for a breathe of cool air.

All of these feelings fell by the wayside when suddenly I got the “oh crap…I’m going to vomit” feeling.  Perfect. Par for the course, I must say.

So, I’m panicking, because the #2 cardinal rule is “Thou shalt not leave the room and let the evil cold air in.”  However, this was quickly becoming a judgment call/emergency. I had to leave but knew that the YOGI MASTER was going to yell at me.

So I figured, who cares! I’m already the girl who had to lie down for the last 1/3 of the class, I will NOT be the girl who puked on herself while drenched in sweat.

So I sprinted out of the room apologizing and ran to the bathroom as the Yogi Master called after me “we are so close to finishing!”  Really dude…I don’t care.  I proceeded to confirm my emergency feelings for a little while and then finally pulled myself together.

As I emerged from the bathroom and tried to just hang out in the lobby for the last couple of poses, the Yogi Master motioned for me to come to him in the back of the room. I figured, “Oh, how nice! he just wants to be sure I’m ok”…not so much.

Here’s what I got instead–“there’s only 5 minutes left, you can finish!” And with a point of the finger I was sent back to my mat. Nice. I hate peer pressure!!

So I half-assed the rest of the poses and we finally end the class with me thinking it’s possible I may not make it to the car.

Yogi Master mentions that he has a gift for Rebdon, Char, and I since it was our first time.  We walk outside to check it out, all the while hoping it’s not a bottle of the nasty coconut milk I see everyone drinking, and Yogi Master calls me OUT in front of everyone.

“I know you!! You’re the girl who left my class! Yyou cannot do that!”  I’m so not even kidding about this.

So, feeling weak, a little sassy, and really ready to go home and eat dinner after 2 hours of intense heat and strange poses I replied “No, I’m the girl who almost puked in your class.”

Yogi Master: “That’s ok! It’s because you’re not used to losing water so quickly.”  Excuse me?!?! Telling me my business, no sir!

Me: “No, I mean that I actually ran out and threw up several times in your bathroom, sir.”

Yogi Master: “Really? Well…that’s ok!”

Me: “Alright. Then next time I know to just do it on my mat in your room.”

Thus ended my Bikram Experience.  Sadly, minus the sickies, I really liked how it felt. And I slept like a rock. And I’ve truly never sweat like that before. And I secretly wish that I could keep doing it!

But sometimes you have to listen to your head…and mine was screaming “eject!”


Ode to Fridays

Dear Friday,

Why have you taken so long to get here?  I’ve been waiting all week. Seriously.  Let’s get on with this already and bring your friends Saturday and Sunday. They can hang out as long as they’d like.


In all seriousness though…it’s been an insanely crazy week.  Work has gotten the best of me and as I sit here writing what might be the most pointless post ever, I’m finding myself drifting off to sleep.

So here’s what I’ll do…let’s recap some tv from this week.  Because literally…that’s about all I’ve got.  SPOILER ALERT BELOW…I’m not censoring for those of you who haven’t watched. Do your jobs and catch up.

#1:   Dancing with the Stars– I haven’t really been keeping up as much as I should. But I do know that Niecy Nash went home. Which sucks because she really brought “entertainment” to the show.  I honestly don’t really care who wins now, but I think it will be the Pussycat Doll.

#2:   Real Housewives of New Jersey– Get into this now.  RIGHT NOW.  I’m just sayin’…Danielle is crazy, Dina is unusually sweet, Jacqueline apparently has lost all memory of Danielle’s craziness, Teresa is ready to come to blows with Danielle, and Caroline has the funniest family ever. Ham Game. ‘Nuff said. I wouldn’t mind hanging out with them and you BET I’m waiting for that episode where someone pulls out a 9mm at a charity event.  I love you Jersey.

#3:  Lost– A little slow this week, but still really good.  Not sure that I needed a full hour of that back story, but hopefully they’ll surprise me.  AND…I’m not sure all of these questions are going to be answered in 2 episodes. Again…I’m ready to be shocked.

#4:  Glee– I’ve never watched it before.  And Tuesday’s episode didn’t really sell me on it.  However, I’ll give it another shot because I’ve heard from multiple people who say it’s awesome.  And that I should watch the Madonna episode.  I won’t count you out yet, Glee.

#5:  Modern Family– You know how I feel about this. BEST. SHOW. EVER.  It’s truly so smart, hilarious, and I really still can’t decide who I love most.  One of my favorite lines from this week came from Manny talking to Luke:

“I noticed some lovely tweens down by the kids’ club, maybe we can find a nice spot near them by the pool and send over a couple of virgin Mai Tais. They may be interested in two sophisticated men like us.”


#6:  Grey’s Anatomy– Finally a good season again! So, Christina and Owen are having major issues. Derek and Meredith are trying to have a baby and build a house. Lexi was basically proposed to by McSteamy. Alex has no idea he’s about to lose his girlfriend (which will totally make him a jerk again). Bailey is finally getting a little action. And Teddy is an eavesdropper.  I think that’s about it.  The finale next week is going to be good.  But Grey’s writers…please don’t almost kill Meredith again. That would just be exhausting.

#7:  Private Practice– Wow.  Sad sad season finale last night.  Dell died.  And left his poor orphaned daughter with who knows who.  (Char & I are betting that Addison will adopt her.) Violet and Pete are going to give it another go.  Addison basically assaults Sam at the end…so I guess they’re going to be dating next season.  Naomi’s boyfriend left her to die.  (I thought only cats did that…) Cooper and Charlotte are engaged. Sheldon is still vanilla–I really can’t get into this guy. At. All. Maya and her baby lived–go Addison.  And I just realized that Amelia is Derek’s sister.Interesting.

#8:  The Hills– This show is getting creepier and creepier. Spencer is legitimately insane. Heidi…I have no words.

#9:  The City– Kelly Cutrone is amazing. I’m not sure where Oliva Palermo gets off thinking she’s big time at a magazine. Really, Kelly made the show this week season.

I wish I had a #10 to round things out. Sorry for such a lame post, but comment on your favorite shows of the week…maybe I can pick up a #10 from there!  Happy Friday and have a GREAT weekend!!


Shorthand for these are the best commercials ever.  After chatting today with a friend about my favorite commercials (of which I’m usually not a fan) these are the few that I will NOT fast-forward through.  I’ll actually rewind back to these. Which is sayin’ a lot!

#1:  This one absolutely kills me.  I’ll fess up to having snorted with laughter the first time I saw this. Ok, every time.

#2:  This isn’t the one I wanted to post. But for some reason I cannot find the video anywhere!! I’m beginning to think I made it up. It was Southwest Airlines maybe?  All of the employees are leaving for the weekend and they’re screaming, cheering, throwing their reports up in the air, pushing each other down the sidewalk in their wheelie chairs, and then a mini van peels out.  It’s classic. And if it’s not already been done, I call shotgun on it.  But this one’s funny, too.

#3:  This is just funny. I like the very end. Because who doesn’t want to sound cool when they ask for the guac?

#4:  Talking babies.  I mean, come on…what’s not to love? Especially when the baby howls.

#5:  I really like throwing this line out randomly. Because no one is ever expecting to be called a lint licker.

Quote of the Day!!

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! TGIF!!! WORKIN’ FOR THE WEEKEND!!!  FELICIDADES DE VIERNES!!!  (Did that last one make any sense?  Eight years of Spanish down the tubes.)

In honor of Friday, I wanted to share with you one of my absolute favorite quotes.  I learned it from my great grandmother, Mimi, when I was MUCH younger and probably worrying about cheerleading tryouts or a dance or, what color Keds to get next or something.  It made sense then…and it makes even more sense now.  AND there’s a complete sense of comfort and peace that comes from hearing it.

So are you ready?  I’m gonna give it to you right between the eyes today. It’s Friday, go have a toddy later if it rattles you to the core.  Which it will, because it’s truly quite simple.

Here it is:

“Do not worry.  For today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday…and all is well.”

Chew that over for a while and see if you like the taste. Then stitch it on a nice lil’ pillow and rest your head on it.

Happy Friday!!

Shout Out to my Webmaster!!

You know who you are, you Google Webmaster, you.  Without said coworker, you may very well have continued to type in this URL and gone to who knows where!

In a fit of “I’m sick of the look of this blog” rage, I migrated everything over to WordPress yesterday.  And then my domain name ( kept linking everything back to the old blog.  And while I may work at a tech company, this is waaaayyy beyond my understanding. Hair was about to be pulled out and it was NOT pretty.

So I called in our resident Google Webmaster and begged and pleaded for him to “FIX IT!!!”

And fix it, he did.  I love the new look, I love all of the cool tools in WordPress.  It’s kinda the same feeling as buying new workout clothes–it makes me want to blog again.  (Or workout again…whichever way you read that. But you know what I meant.)

For those of you who have subscribed in the past, I think you’ll have to do it again, but it looks to be a MUCH easier process than before. BONUS!!

Also, any of you kind enough to link to my blog via your websites, maybe try your links and be sure they still work. Again…I’m not sure how this whole “internet” thing really works.  I’m just sayin’…I watched Google Webmaster pull up some all black screens with cursors and crazy *&^% and it scared me a little.  I’m not gonna lie.

Then I took another look at the pretty new background and said “whatever” and kept on.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Please keep coming back and I promise I’ll keep coming up with random stories to include.

My friend Berf is coming to town this weekend…we’re very capable of drumming up material.

I’ve Been Promising a Face Lift…

And I’m pretty sure I’ve finally delivered!! It’s taken 3 minds, too many hours, and lots of Diet Coke, but I’ve made the switch to WordPress and so far…I love it.

Of course it’s been less than 12 hours (much less) but I’m already loving the customizable apps involved.

Be on the lookout for more updates, more polls, and more melon-hating.

The bitch is back.