Spring Break 2010…Woo Hoo!!!

It’s that time of year again, folks.  Where the beaches and pools will be packed with college coeds looking to make hundreds of terrible decisions.  And have a lot of fun in the mean time.  And probably regret most, if not all, of the them promptly upon return back to campus.

That’s right, it’s Spring Break 2010!!

Something I’m a little ashamed to admit (only not really, you know my television preferences) is that I’d really love to DVR all of the MTV Spring Break Specials.

Remember the good ol’ days of watching total strangers in the “ultimate” spring break locations?  Doing things I would NEVER even imagine doing?  It was like watching a train wreck.  A train wreck that Green Day is playing in the background of on a suspended platform over a pool.

It’s trashy tv at it’s best…and some would say the beginning of reality TV as we know it.  I definitely remember the high school spring breaks that were never very eventful mostly because my parents wouldn’t let me go on any trips–thank you guys again, for that.  I’m being serious.  Hanging out with friends by the pool, coming inside for a lunch break, turning on the TV, and watching Downtown Julie Brown and that Eric guy (who later did the aerobics video) sending people out on random dates, having the bathing suit “fashion shows” and OMG what about the contests??

I’m just sayin’, their parents must have been proud–bored America sure was.  As this week of Spring Break (that most of us don’t get to enjoy anymore) progresses, let us all reflect on the wonder that was MTV Spring Break of the 90’s. And I challenge you to try and stomach watching the MTV Spring Break 2010 Specials. Or just one of them.

Something tells me you’ll either be hooked, or disgusted.  Or maybe both. Because hey, that’s the Spring Break motto.


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