It’s Wrong on so Many Levels (Pun Intended)

No need to adjust your monitor, you’re seeing this correctly.
Think Lollipop Guild goes global.  This is a “park” in China where little people actually live, as well as perform day after day their version of “Swan Lake” and other “slapstick plays.”
Did you know “Swan Lake” was slapstick? Did I miss something?  Admittedly, I have never seen it and I know all of nothing about it, but I’m purrr-eee-tty sure that it’s not a comedy.
As you can imagine, there is plenty of controversy surrounding the “park” but it’s owner and employees hold firm that they are employing people and the park provides a residence for them, as well.  Plus, it’s China. They come up with acid-trip-type-ideas on a regular basis. When will we stop being shocked?
So everyone’s happy. Ish.
You know what makes me happy?  Vino.
I had a lot last night with my girls.  The amount that induces a craving for a greasy cheeseburger. All. Day. Long.
I suffered through it, though, so don’t worry.  My coffee and oatmeal bar this morning really hit the spot did the trick served as breakfast.
Anywho, tomorrow is FRIDAY!! TGI-FREAKIN-F!!
I have an offsite team-building event all afternoon for work at a BBQ place and then a Brewery.  Not too shabby.
It’s going to be a busy weekend with lots of celebrating so get ready!! 
And cross your fingers that I don’t fall.  Or embarrass myself.  Or lose my phone/purse/wallet/debit card.
Not that any of the above items have happened to me during a fun-filled weekend.
A few times.

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