It Takes a Village…

That’s right, readers…it’s MOVING DAY!! Well, part 2, anyway. I think I have enough stuff to fill up that house, however I’m trying not to take it all with me.

I have a love/hate relationship with moving:  I hate doing it and usually love the outcome. 

The good news is that I have almost as much help as this guy did.  The bad news is I’ll probably end up on radio silence for most of the week.  Alas, I do have a job outside of this blog (which pays a little better) and I’m headed to NYC for an overnight trip.  That on top of the move…I’m just sayin’ it might be a few days until you hear back from me.

And hopefully I’ll have some great pics from NYC. And by great pics, I mean no snow and beautiful weather.

Over and out!


Spring Break 2010…Woo Hoo!!!

It’s that time of year again, folks.  Where the beaches and pools will be packed with college coeds looking to make hundreds of terrible decisions.  And have a lot of fun in the mean time.  And probably regret most, if not all, of the them promptly upon return back to campus.

That’s right, it’s Spring Break 2010!!

Something I’m a little ashamed to admit (only not really, you know my television preferences) is that I’d really love to DVR all of the MTV Spring Break Specials.

Remember the good ol’ days of watching total strangers in the “ultimate” spring break locations?  Doing things I would NEVER even imagine doing?  It was like watching a train wreck.  A train wreck that Green Day is playing in the background of on a suspended platform over a pool.

It’s trashy tv at it’s best…and some would say the beginning of reality TV as we know it.  I definitely remember the high school spring breaks that were never very eventful mostly because my parents wouldn’t let me go on any trips–thank you guys again, for that.  I’m being serious.  Hanging out with friends by the pool, coming inside for a lunch break, turning on the TV, and watching Downtown Julie Brown and that Eric guy (who later did the aerobics video) sending people out on random dates, having the bathing suit “fashion shows” and OMG what about the contests??

I’m just sayin’, their parents must have been proud–bored America sure was.  As this week of Spring Break (that most of us don’t get to enjoy anymore) progresses, let us all reflect on the wonder that was MTV Spring Break of the 90’s. And I challenge you to try and stomach watching the MTV Spring Break 2010 Specials. Or just one of them.

Something tells me you’ll either be hooked, or disgusted.  Or maybe both. Because hey, that’s the Spring Break motto.


Confuse Me??

So, I’m not sure if I’ve written about this in the past or not, but something’s telling me yes.  I admit to having an EXTREME aversion to Hilary Duff…very similar to my aversion for cantaloupe. (Read: extreme reactions such as rolling of the eyes, turning of the channel, and general complaining. It entertains my family in a perplexing way.)

It’s true. She makes me crazy. And I’ll be the first to admit that I have zero to the zero power reasons why. There’s just something about her that is like being forced to sit and listen to nails being dragged down a chalkboard. Can’t do it. Won’t do it. DISLIKE button.

Needless to say that this lil’ doozie of a headline really tripped me up today. 

Ex-squeeze me??  This is right up there with Lauren Conrad (layman terms: chick from The Hills) writing her first “novel.” And now second, from what I see on Where are the READERS in this country??

I’m like, totally disappointed. (Insert hair flip here.)

On another totally unrelated note, Ryan Seacrest has a stalker.

I know, did you have to re-read that line, too?

Some guy has been “showing up where he works and to events he has been hosting.” The guy had a restraining order from Ryan already because he tried to beat up his bodyguards a while back and now has plead no contest to stalking.

Again, did you have to re-read that?

I just want to know, at what point in your stalking career do you decide the jig is up?  “They have a point here…it’s a little suspicious that I keep showing up like this. Doesn’t look to good on my part. Oh, ok fine! I’m your stalker. Nice to meet you. Guess I’m going to have to go back to my job at Old Navy now.”

Seems like a lot of work for nothing. I’m just sayin’.

Finally…I saw “Shutter Island” this weekend. I’ll let you in on a lil’ secret: I HATE scary movies. Especially the kind where I don’t sleep at night because each noise I hear I just KNOW is that serial killer coming to get lil’ ol’ me.

This was not one of those movies. I totally thought it was and I spent the first half of the movie with my jacket acting as a blanket that was “conveniently” close to my eyes to provide the Scary Movie Cover, as I like to call that move.

I loved it. It was smart, it was suspenseful, it made you think (in a good way) and it was really entertaining. If you have a few hours to duck out and go see a great movie, I highly recommend it. In fact, I’m going to make up my own rating scale right now and give it 4.5 melons.

Eat your heart out, Leonard Maltin. 

Thousand Dollah Bills, Y’all

When I say to you that I saw a stack of about 15 of these over the weekend, you’ll believe one of many things:
1)  I’m a big, fat liar
2)  I robbed a bank and now have cash and no debt–yay Dave Ramsey!
3)  I picked up a job as a drug dealer
While many of these answers might excite you, the real answer is I saw someone ELSE’S stack of thousand dollar bills in their ginormous safe sitting next to their 20 Rolex watches inside their larger-than-my-bedroom gun “closet” fully equipped with it’s own alarm system.
No big whoop.
This was just one piece of my weekend that also includes laughing so hard that I could swear someone kicked me in the ribs and having a dance party (you rocked it, N’Sync) while a college acquaintance (I don’t use the word friend, cuz we weren’t/aren’t) remained passed out like a champ on B’s couch.  B, the Demmecks, and I then proceeded to leave said “friend” while we went out downtown….and came back to him still being shady on the couch. Breathing, but shady nonetheless.
The full post may take awhile, but I’ll get it all written down because you will NOT want to miss out. Reason being, I’m going to have to come up with some killer aliases because Mr. Thousand-Dollah-Bills-Y’all thinks there’s a possibility he could be kidnapped.  
Yes, I’m serious.

It’s Wrong on so Many Levels (Pun Intended)

No need to adjust your monitor, you’re seeing this correctly.
Think Lollipop Guild goes global.  This is a “park” in China where little people actually live, as well as perform day after day their version of “Swan Lake” and other “slapstick plays.”
Did you know “Swan Lake” was slapstick? Did I miss something?  Admittedly, I have never seen it and I know all of nothing about it, but I’m purrr-eee-tty sure that it’s not a comedy.
As you can imagine, there is plenty of controversy surrounding the “park” but it’s owner and employees hold firm that they are employing people and the park provides a residence for them, as well.  Plus, it’s China. They come up with acid-trip-type-ideas on a regular basis. When will we stop being shocked?
So everyone’s happy. Ish.
You know what makes me happy?  Vino.
I had a lot last night with my girls.  The amount that induces a craving for a greasy cheeseburger. All. Day. Long.
I suffered through it, though, so don’t worry.  My coffee and oatmeal bar this morning really hit the spot did the trick served as breakfast.
Anywho, tomorrow is FRIDAY!! TGI-FREAKIN-F!!
I have an offsite team-building event all afternoon for work at a BBQ place and then a Brewery.  Not too shabby.
It’s going to be a busy weekend with lots of celebrating so get ready!! 
And cross your fingers that I don’t fall.  Or embarrass myself.  Or lose my phone/purse/wallet/debit card.
Not that any of the above items have happened to me during a fun-filled weekend.
A few times.

Innnn West Philidelphia, Born & Raised

I mean, who doesn’t miss this show?? Remember the days of coming home from school, grabbing a Kudos bar, and bustin’ into a Capri Sun (literally…those were hard to open) on the couch and turning on a lil’ Fresh Prince? The theme song alone had me up and dancing.  (Walkin’, talkin’ like a FOOL with your pants on the ground! I digress…)
Anyway, the song has been looping in my head all day for some reason and the thought crossed my mind to head home from work and see if Hulu houses any old shows.
And maybe I’ll pick up a Kudos bar.
And a Capri Sun.  Because I’m an adult now and know how to open them.