Bon Appetit!


So recently, in the last year or so (ha!), I have started getting really intrigued with cooking.  This may be quite like my intrigue with photography, which we all know hasn’t gone SO well.  Could be my lack of initiative in taking pictures…could be my lack of funding for equipment…could be my love for Lifetime movies in The Cave on a Saturday. I’m just saying, something is awry.

Anyway, back to cooking (see, it’s already happening…Hobby A.D.D.) I’ve started collecting recipes from some of my favorite websites, shows, friends, etc. and gathering them up into a GIANT cookbook-binder.  (From here on referred to as The Cookbinder.)

So, since I’ve been displaced at home for a while now, and my metabolism allows next to nothing in the realm of “good food”, I haven’t really initiated the actual execution of said recipes.  Until Sunday night.

Poops, Moo and I were all at home and tasked with cooking dinner for the folks while they went to see a play.  (Before you straighten your posture and your bow-ties, it was “Tuna Does Vegas”…which is absolutely hilarious, but no “Les Mis.”)  So we got together and Moo threw out the idea of a Mexican dinner.  ¡OLÉ!

Sidenote: I suddenly realized that I have a trilingual blog post: a lil’ English, a lil’ Spanish, and a lil’ French. NOW you can straighten your posture and your bow-ties.

Again, back to the task at hand.  So I decided “JACKPOT.  I’m going to the Cookbinder for answers.”  And answers I found. 

Here was the menu for Sunday night (complete with links, in case you’re interested):
Beef Crispy Tacos
Homemade Salsa
Mexican Rice
Mexican Cornbread

Let me tell you, the folks were pleased!! Not only did all of these recipes take less than 30 minutes (prep to complete) but they were all DELICIOUS.  And paired VELLY well with Pinot Noir.  But take note: the Mexican Cornbread is out of this world…and very similar to a casserole. Read: it could be it’s own meal.

Thus, my cooking itch has been scratched and like the Chicken Pox, that just makes it worse.  I’ll keep you posted on the days to come, but until then here are some of my favorite sites to collect from. Feel free to post your faves in the comment section–I promise to try them out and report back!

The Pioneer Woman Cooks!   **she even has a cookbook**
Tasty Kitchen
Smitten Kitchen **this site even has a “Build Your Own Smitten Kitchen” guide to what cooking equipment to buy

Happy Hump Day!!

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