So So Sorry…

Really though?  REALLY?

I think his apology was absolute rubbish, to quote our neighbors across the pond.

Do I think he’s sorry he made his wife and family look like fools? Sure, maybe–if he has a heart at all.  If not, then we’ve found The Grinch.

Do I think he’s more sorry he got caught? YES DEFINITELY.

If you happened to catch this SORRY excuse for an apology, you would have noticed that there was approximately zero to none remorse, along with about as little facial expression.  Dude…even a bad actor can fake a tear.

Most notably, but not surprisingly, missing was scorned wife and exhausted mother, Elin.  And to this I say, good move!!  GOLF CLAP FOR YOU, ELIN. 

He got himself into this mess on his own and he can get out of it on his own, too.

Finally, in the end, and for some reason this (bitterly) struck me the most, after the totally sorry “apology” he went through a receiving line of unemotional hugs.

First, his mother (don’t you know how badly she wanted to slap him upside the head?) then his crying publicist (probably because she sees her career slipping to new lows), then maybe his agent, then some other random dude (probably eating at the hotel bar and they needed a seat filler), then I think Chuy from “Chelsea Lately” was there to go in for “the real thang,” I’m sure the Reverend Jesse Jackson was in the background…he seems to show up where ever there’s controversy.

Anyway, my point is, after a terribly obvious “I guess I HAVE to do this” apology, followed by a receiving line filled with the cast from “8 is Enough”, and an awkward exit through the blue tapestry doors, I was left feeling even more disappointed in Tiger than before. Which, other than his awe-inspiring golf talent, I wasn’t aware was possible.

However, he did have one good point: this isn’t between us and him, it’s all personal.  But just so you know, I still think he’s sorry.  And not in the apologetic way.

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