A New Meaning to "Seeing Red"

I’m just going to go ahead put it out there that this is TERRIBLY messed up.  I stumbled upon this via MSN today and really can’t quite get the image out of my head.

Want to know the new “it” thing to do in prison?  Wait for it…

Eyeball tattoos. 

It’s bad…probably not as bad as what you were thinking though.

Anyway, from the article I can’t really tell what is it that they’re having injected into the whites of their eyes, but it’s dying ALL of the whites and leaves the iris and pupil the same.

I won’t even go into my concerns on who is performing this “task” and how they’re getting hold of this dye and NEEDLES.  My blood pressure just rose. I felt it.

But seriously, it looks like a scary vampire movie to me and I’m not sure why you’d want to do it…except that in your spare time you probably like to scare children, try to hit cats with your car, and are a general deviant of society. 

To each his own. But in my honest opinion…this is unsettling.

AND I wanted to share it with you so that if you ran into one of these guys at the gas station you knew to run because they either a) are unstable, b) are in the Volturi (Twilight reference–it had to happen), or c) are named Lucifer.

Maybe we should reconsider letting these people back out into society.  Oh, and here is the article, BUT be warned, there is a picture of the injection taking place (yes, in the eyeball) in the article.

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