The Luck of the Irish

After the first week back to work and “normalcy”, I decided that Friday night would be a very low-key movie night. So, I headed to the Drafthouse to watch “Sherlock Holmes” and grab a quick bite, as the Brits would say.
First off, I’ll start with the fact that it was all of 30 degrees outside. Now before you feel all of zero sympathy for me, remember that I live in SOUTH TEXAS and we see this kind of weather about never.  So needless to say, my “dressing” for the weather is slightly ridiculous.  (Let it be known that temperatures beyond “Peacoat Weather” are about as foreign to me as the moon.)
Secondly, I ended up parking at the END of the parking lot. Pretty much the farthest space from the front door. Which was my fault, but still.  I’m just sayin’…it was COLD.
Once I got to the front door to get a ticket (with stiff joints, I might add) I was informed that “Sherlock Holmes” had been sold out.  FAIL.
At this point, I was a little desperate.  I didn’t want to face the arctic again for at least 2 hours and was right in that gray area of movie times where if I’d tried to go elsewhere, we would have missed out all together.  The only option was to stay put and find another movie.  Of which I had 1 option: “Leap Year.”
You’ve seen the previews.  I was less than fired up about this.  So, I found a seat, took off my coat, ordered up some dinner (if you don’t know, you can eat and drink at the Alamo Drafthouse theaters–awesome) and settled in to have my less-than-par expectations met.
Well, they were exceeded!! I won’t lead you down the wrong path here:  it’s not Amy Adams’ best performance.  It’s not Matthew Goode’s either (remember him in “Match Point”?)  It’s definitely a typical Rom-Com where it’s pretty obvious what is going to happen.  HOWEVER, the story unfolds in a very charming, entertaining, and semi-surprising way. And the music and scenery were fa-boo-lous!!
So I’m a sucker for the Irish songs and jigs…what??
Anywho, if you’re looking for a fun, relaxing, turn-off-your-brain-and-be-entertained escape from resolutions, stress, and work, I highly recommend walking your little bum down to the theater and taking a gander. It’s a warm-fuzzy worth the $7!
Was any of that even Irish slang? I don’t think it was.

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