Happy 2010!!!

It’s official….we are out of the 0’s.  If that’s what you’d even call them.

Happy New Year! Is it weird that I finally feel like we’re in this new millenium now? It’s only taken 10 years, but hey, I never said I was a HUGE fan of change.
Anyway, with a new year, comes a new mountain cedar infection for Libby! Exciting stuff, huh?  I made it back to work for one day and got slammed with the sickies at the end of it. 
So, aside from overcoming the sickies, here is what I’m aiming to do in 2010.  
1)  Work on my posture.  (You’re welcome, mom.)  I’ve finally recognized and decided it’s becoming an issue to slump so much.
2)  Read the Bible on a daily basis.  I have a new one that doesn’t have all the highlights and markings that my old one had.  I want those back!  It’s also missing the “Troubled Teen” stories and how they relate to the scripture in the side notes, and I have to tell you…I’ll miss those, too.  Especially since I’m not even near a teen and nor was I a troubled one.
3)  Brush up on my Spanish.  Um…I’m embarrassed to say that I took about 8 years of Spanish throughout my education and there is absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t be able to speak a LICK of it now.  Except for when I’ve had a few (hundred) margaritas in Mexico and believe that I’m the only person able to effectively communicate with the locals.  (And why that was necessary in itself will remain a college spring break mystery.)
4)  Blog more!! That’s right…I’ve become a horrible blog host and I KNOW IT.  I’m going to get better about that.  I’m going to start with promising 2 updates a week.  We’ll go from there.
I’m also going to do the typical eat better, workout, work on my finances, but honestly, who are we kidding? These are not resolutions…they are necessities.  So that’s how I’ll view them now.  
2010 is going to be a big year everybody!!  Let me know what your resolutions are…maybe we can all pick up a few from each other.

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