Drink Me!

Remember when “Alice In Wonderland” was about a girl who ate little pieces of bread and grew to be LARGE or tiny?

This isn’t your mothers “Alice In Wonderland.”

This is Tim Burton’s Wonderland…and I think we all know what that means.

While I love some Burton movies (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Edward Scissorhands–classic!) most tend to lean on the acid-trip side of things. (Think Sweeney Todd–which, I couldn’t even finish.) 

I’m intrigued with this version because the storyline is very different. It literally is NOT your mothers Alice.

Alice, now 19 and unbeknownst to her, is about to be proposed to at a high-society tea.  Freaked out, like any young girl might be, she runs off to follow a white rabbit, like most 19 year old girls would not. She falls down the rabbit hole and returns to Wonderland 10 years later…but with no recollection of having been there before.

Seriously, WHAT is in those loaves of bread??

In the end, she finds it is her job to slay the Jabberwocky and end the Red Queen’s reign of terror over Wonderland.

Sounds snuggly, right?  I’m not totally sold on this yet and really haven’t made up my mind on whether to spend the chunk of quarters I’ve been putting away for a rainy day on this or not. The costumes and quirkiness are always delivered.

But the real question is:

Will I have crazy-clown nightmares??

Honestly…what are these people eating?



To Add Insult to (Not Many/Any) Injuries…

It’s early in the new year and resolutions are a plenty. Picture this: you’re headed out the door to your first Weight Watchers meeting for your weigh-in.  (Of which I’ve been to a few and they feel quite like a cattle herding.)

You’re waiting in line, looking to receive the inevitable bad news but confident in your commitment to see a better number on the scale next time, when….CRASH, BOOM, BANG!!

The FLOOR collapses beneath you.

TRUE STORY. (Find it here.)

This actually happened in Sweden. Thankfully no one was injured, however quite a few egos were bruised.

And the meeting was moved to more stable ground.  Literally.

My New Favorite Thing

Words with Friends.  If you have the iPhone, you must, MUST get this right now.
It will change your life.
And possibly your vocabulary!
I’m only slightly (completely) obsessed and am burning my battery out right and left trying to win this dang thing!  Wish me luck!!

A New Meaning to "Seeing Red"

I’m just going to go ahead put it out there that this is TERRIBLY messed up.  I stumbled upon this via MSN today and really can’t quite get the image out of my head.

Want to know the new “it” thing to do in prison?  Wait for it…

Eyeball tattoos. 

It’s bad…probably not as bad as what you were thinking though.

Anyway, from the article I can’t really tell what is it that they’re having injected into the whites of their eyes, but it’s dying ALL of the whites and leaves the iris and pupil the same.

I won’t even go into my concerns on who is performing this “task” and how they’re getting hold of this dye and NEEDLES.  My blood pressure just rose. I felt it.

But seriously, it looks like a scary vampire movie to me and I’m not sure why you’d want to do it…except that in your spare time you probably like to scare children, try to hit cats with your car, and are a general deviant of society. 

To each his own. But in my honest opinion…this is unsettling.

AND I wanted to share it with you so that if you ran into one of these guys at the gas station you knew to run because they either a) are unstable, b) are in the Volturi (Twilight reference–it had to happen), or c) are named Lucifer.

Maybe we should reconsider letting these people back out into society.  Oh, and here is the article, BUT be warned, there is a picture of the injection taking place (yes, in the eyeball) in the article.

The Luck of the Irish

After the first week back to work and “normalcy”, I decided that Friday night would be a very low-key movie night. So, I headed to the Drafthouse to watch “Sherlock Holmes” and grab a quick bite, as the Brits would say.
First off, I’ll start with the fact that it was all of 30 degrees outside. Now before you feel all of zero sympathy for me, remember that I live in SOUTH TEXAS and we see this kind of weather about never.  So needless to say, my “dressing” for the weather is slightly ridiculous.  (Let it be known that temperatures beyond “Peacoat Weather” are about as foreign to me as the moon.)
Secondly, I ended up parking at the END of the parking lot. Pretty much the farthest space from the front door. Which was my fault, but still.  I’m just sayin’…it was COLD.
Once I got to the front door to get a ticket (with stiff joints, I might add) I was informed that “Sherlock Holmes” had been sold out.  FAIL.
At this point, I was a little desperate.  I didn’t want to face the arctic again for at least 2 hours and was right in that gray area of movie times where if I’d tried to go elsewhere, we would have missed out all together.  The only option was to stay put and find another movie.  Of which I had 1 option: “Leap Year.”
You’ve seen the previews.  I was less than fired up about this.  So, I found a seat, took off my coat, ordered up some dinner (if you don’t know, you can eat and drink at the Alamo Drafthouse theaters–awesome) and settled in to have my less-than-par expectations met.
Well, they were exceeded!! I won’t lead you down the wrong path here:  it’s not Amy Adams’ best performance.  It’s not Matthew Goode’s either (remember him in “Match Point”?)  It’s definitely a typical Rom-Com where it’s pretty obvious what is going to happen.  HOWEVER, the story unfolds in a very charming, entertaining, and semi-surprising way. And the music and scenery were fa-boo-lous!!
So I’m a sucker for the Irish songs and jigs…what??
Anywho, if you’re looking for a fun, relaxing, turn-off-your-brain-and-be-entertained escape from resolutions, stress, and work, I highly recommend walking your little bum down to the theater and taking a gander. It’s a warm-fuzzy worth the $7!
Was any of that even Irish slang? I don’t think it was.

Texas, Texas, YEE HAW!!!

Hook ’em Horns and BEST of luck to the orange and white at the National Championship Game!!! 

New Web Design

I’m looking (and have been for a while) to redesign the blog!

If any of you out there know of some great templates or, heck, are designers interested in helping me out, reply in the comments section or email me at downwithcantaloupe@hotmail.com

2010 calls for a facelift…and I’m not super code-writing saavy, so you’re help is requested! Ready, set, facelift!

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Happy 2010!!!

It’s official….we are out of the 0’s.  If that’s what you’d even call them.

Happy New Year! Is it weird that I finally feel like we’re in this new millenium now? It’s only taken 10 years, but hey, I never said I was a HUGE fan of change.
Anyway, with a new year, comes a new mountain cedar infection for Libby! Exciting stuff, huh?  I made it back to work for one day and got slammed with the sickies at the end of it. 
So, aside from overcoming the sickies, here is what I’m aiming to do in 2010.  
1)  Work on my posture.  (You’re welcome, mom.)  I’ve finally recognized and decided it’s becoming an issue to slump so much.
2)  Read the Bible on a daily basis.  I have a new one that doesn’t have all the highlights and markings that my old one had.  I want those back!  It’s also missing the “Troubled Teen” stories and how they relate to the scripture in the side notes, and I have to tell you…I’ll miss those, too.  Especially since I’m not even near a teen and nor was I a troubled one.
3)  Brush up on my Spanish.  Um…I’m embarrassed to say that I took about 8 years of Spanish throughout my education and there is absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t be able to speak a LICK of it now.  Except for when I’ve had a few (hundred) margaritas in Mexico and believe that I’m the only person able to effectively communicate with the locals.  (And why that was necessary in itself will remain a college spring break mystery.)
4)  Blog more!! That’s right…I’ve become a horrible blog host and I KNOW IT.  I’m going to get better about that.  I’m going to start with promising 2 updates a week.  We’ll go from there.
I’m also going to do the typical eat better, workout, work on my finances, but honestly, who are we kidding? These are not resolutions…they are necessities.  So that’s how I’ll view them now.  
2010 is going to be a big year everybody!!  Let me know what your resolutions are…maybe we can all pick up a few from each other.