Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas


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Take My Poll!!!

I haven’t mentioned much on the Tiger Woods front because basically, I can’t keep up with the numbers.

And I don’t think they’re going to stop either.

But here’s the real question: Will this even put a dent in his career? Do you even care?

It goes without saying that Elin must be practically inconsolable at this point. And his poor children are going to read all about this one day.

Way to think about the fam, Tiger. How selfless!

So, I think you can tell what my opinion is…but I want to hear yours. I’ll run a few polls over the next couple of days. Cast your vote and let’s see what the DWC readers think about this!

I’m Telling You For The Last Time…

But not really. I’ll say it a million times until you listen.

If you’re not watching “Modern Family” (on ABC Wednesdays nights at 8pm CST) then you are missing out on pure joy.

Best. Show. Ever. Get on it.

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In The Future…

Or now, rather. I’ve stepped it up, readers.

I got an iPhone!

I’m also trying to learn to blog via iPhone. This is my first post.

My hope is that I’ll now never have a reason not to write you. Or share my funnies…since the vast majority of them happen on the go.

Let’s see how this goes, readers!! I’m sure this will add an interesting new twist to DWC!

See ya on the GO!!

Btw…Poops and I found this lil critter in the house whilst decorating the “kid’s tree” in the gameroom. Precious.

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