Where Everybody Knows Your Name…

…except for the two of us. Poops and I went to Boston, as you know, about two weeks ago.

I’m a loser for not posting about it sooner, but hey, I’m cool with that if you are.

I was there for a conference on Social Media, which was really fun, and Poops came along to discover Boston and be my tour guide. Not really, but she ended up being a GREAT one. (Poops, if the teacher thing doesn’t work out…I’m just sayin’.)

Anyway, we saw TONS of great stuff and really felt like we got to pretty much all areas of town. You could say that we maximized our time in Beantown. Actually, you would say that because we absolutely did.

You should have seen Poops’ feet after a rainy day walk around Newbury Street. I’m here to tell you that she looked like she had walked on coals for a few days. A story for another time.

I wanted to share a few of the hundred pictures we ended up with. Instead of becoming a full-time photographer, I found that editing the photos after the fact was pretty much the most addicting thing ever. (If you don’t like them, please keep that to yourself. Did you think this site was a democracy? N.O.)

So here they are, with a few comments…enjoy!

We don’t see these colors in South Texas. We have bright green and brown.

Poops and I on our own walking tour…

I’m pretty sure we have one of these at home…but this one is WAY cooler

Cheers-ing at Cheers

I may use this as a postcard…for all of that written correspondence I’m up to these days

Awesome dinner on our first night at Lucca in the North End

We had some amazing direction from our friends (you know who you are!) and really got to see some awesome sites in Boston and eat at some wonderful restaurants.

I also told Poops on the subway that this was where all of my peeps were hiding!! My dark haired, fair skinned-peeps…I have FOUND YOU!! I felt so at home amongst them…it must be how Poops feels in Southern California.

And I’ll note, to be timely with my news, that neither one of us got drunk and fell into the train tracks. Did you guys see that?? Crazy lucky that girl is…

On another side note, here is Harvard. Where no one was fooled into thinking that we were students.

In true parent fashion, my dad told us that neither one of us had applied. Alli noted to me that really that meant neither one of us had applied ourselves. Thanks for trying, dad.

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