Super Trouper Lights Are Gonna Find Me Shining Like The Sun Smiling, Having Fun

Mamma Mia….AWESOME!! Seats…amazing. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to watch a show with no one in front of you. I’ll tell you.


And I wish I had pictures of every usher’s face when J and I would show them our ticket and ask where we were going. It was classic.

Especially because WE didn’t know where we were going. Which was a box. The very FIRST box at the front. The very first SEATS in the very first box at the front.

Come to think of it, I wish I had pictures of OUR faces every time we asked an usher where we were going.

I also wish we had a picture of our waiter. Yes, you read that correctly. We had a waiter. Who brought us a bottle of wine in our seats. The very first seats in the very first box at the front.

I mean to tell you…I bet everyone in that place was lookin’ at us thinkin’ “How the hey are those two girls sitting in the very first seats in the very first box at the front??”

We got dang lucky, that’s how!!

J and I had a great time at the show–we danced, sang, and were the first people to get our car at the valet without missing any of the show. (You tell me how that happened because I still don’t know.)

I’m feelin’ a little sluggish today and will most definitely sleep well tonight…all the while dreaming of moonlighting in “Mamma Mia” as Donna.

On a completely unrelated note, I found this picture today on a Facebook page and about snorted my ice tea I was laughing so hard. Please take a minute to appreciate the crystal clear logic that was documented. See for yourself:

How’s THAT for simplicity??? Catch you on the flip side…also known as FRIDAY!!!

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