You Are The Dancing Queen!!

That’s right. I’m going. Tomorrow night. Box seats.

How? What? Who said that?!

True story: I’m walking back into the building from a little outing this afternoon and our chairman’s assistant asks my coworker if she wants “these.”

As if they were to the Monster Truck Show. And yeah, I still might have been interested.

So J opens up the envelope and they’re MAMMA MIA TICKETS!!

Score. Only there were two. And lucky me, J’s husband doesn’t like musicals.

So tomorrow night, people, me, J, & hundreds of our nearest & dearest will be singing at the tops of our lungs.

And wishing every single day that we could wear this:

Ok, so maybe some of us more than others.

No judging.


She’s Got a Way About Her…Don’t Know What It Is

This may be the most hilarious little thang I’ve come across. Tavi…she’s amazing. She’s a 13 year old fashionista who has her own blog “Style Rookie” and her own brand of cynicism as well.

She’s sarcastic, quirky (to put it lightly), light years beyond her age, and there is something about her eclecticism that really hits a funny bone in me.

While I would never in a million years wear (or pull off) the pieces she puts together, I have to admit I’m oddly inspired by her unabashed efforts, confidence, and individuality.

That’s the great thing about our country: Tavi can wear something like this and I don’t have to.

But I sure do admire her for exercising her opinion and being true to her funky, probably- made-fun-of-by-her-classmates-self. Because I bet they didn’t get invited to sit front row at New York Fashion Week.

One More Thing

If they don’t name this precious little piglet Wilbur it will be a cryin’ shame. This is totally a “Charlotte’s Web” story if I’ve ever seen one.

Have I Told You Lately…

…that I love this weather??

Yes, I think maybe I have. Oh well, you know you love hearing it! And most importantly, I’m fairly certain that after this week, I won’t get to brag on our 60 degree “fall” weather for a while. If ever again.

Keep your fingers crossed for me, will ya?!

Exhibit A is a perfect example of why I’m in LOVE with the cold. I think the only thing missing from this picture are s’mores.

Exhibit B is what may or may not end up happening any given night after vino and Celine Dion concerts on DVD…

Yes that’s a remote control serving as a microphone, and yes you wish you were here.

Hello Again!

Do any of you remember this movie? It was great. Shelley Long in the 80’s & 90’s…I’m just sayin’.

I wish I could tell you that I had some great excuse as to why I haven’t posted anything in nearly two weeks (and a measly post then, at that) but I really am not one for excuses. So I’ll tell you…I just haven’t really been inspired.

I’ve also been pretty busy. And my laptop at home has been commandeered by those who wish they had Macs and don’t. (You know who you are.)

So rather than telling you some kind of terribly dramatic story (which, if you know me, you know I’m capable of doing) I’ll just say sorry and move on. And if you get whiny, then I’ll say that I’m going to “turn this post right around and head back home.”

Moms must LOVE that saying. Nothing quiets children faster on the way to Baskin Robbins than that phrase. In fact, they should make it a flavor…or maybe that’s what Rocky Road is supposed to imply. And in the words of the great Linda Richmond, “I’m getting faklempt…discuss amongst yourselves!”

Anyway, probably the really big reason I haven’t posted lately is more along the lines of nothing really noteworthy has happened.

Until this morning. You know it’s gonna be bad. Ego bruising, in fact. And totally on par with things that tend to happen to me.

So it’s been rainy and cold down south for the last few days–which I’m LOVING by the way. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you’re most likely sick of me saying that. But it’s true. Deal with it.

Anyway, I’ve also been really focused on working out this week, eating right, yada yada yada. So I got up this morning, went to the gym, & had a pretty great workout. Score! Day going great so far. Wait for it.

So I get dressed for work with ease (ladies…you know what I mean by this), having a great hair day, my eyelashes are all pointing in the right direction (again, ladies, you know what I mean…we all have those odd eyelash days–and they ruin everything), and I’m out the door EARLIER than normal with coffee, breakfast, and pretzel snacks in tow.

So far so good, right? Sure. For now.

I pull up to the office, get a great parking spot…I should have known this was waaaaaayyyy too easy and way too good to continue on like this.

Karma was about to come a’knockin’.

I’m feelin’ great! Walking into work looking damn cute (I have to say), loving that I get to wear my new navy trench coat from Zara (SF trip! mega yay!!), and I round the corner with what I now know was WAY too much confidence, and WIPE THE CONCRETE FLOOR WITH MY BODY.

Awesome. Man. Down.

For a split second, you know that moment in The Fall, I thought I was going to recover…and then it became rapidly apparent that I was going down hard. No stopping me.

I swear I heard someone yelling “TIMBER!!” Ok, maybe I made that up. But what if?!?!

So I’m laying there…phone, coffee, dignity strewn about the wet ground and here’s the moment that I hate about falling (bc I’m an old pro)–“OMG! Are you ok?!!”

Yes. I’m fine. I’m not crying (miracle) and I’m a little wet (partially coffee, partially puddle) and my ego has taken QUITE a beating. But yes. I’m fine. Thanks.

So I get help up from a kind gentleman who, thankfully, doesn’t really make that big of a deal out of it. He helps me up, collects my shoes (thanks, they were off and got some good distance), gets my BlackBerry (which I was secretly hoping had broken so I could get a new one), and then picks up my coffee.

And here’s the kicker. A true optimist. He says “Hey! You still have pretty much all of your coffee in here!!”


Can you help me find my dignity? I seem to have misplaced that.

Luckily that’s about all that seems to have taken a hit today. I’m fine, no tear in clothing, no one at work but that dude knows what happened. And I swear he’d better keep it that way.

So hopefully I maxed out my quota on embarrassing moments for the day and can continue on like a normal gal. We shall see…

And I think if Linda Richmond had anything to say about it, she’d say she hoped the rest of my day went as smooth as “buttah!!”

Happy Friday!!!

Need a time waster for the last hour and a half of your Friday? Here it is!!

Enjoy & good luck!! Maybe you’ll have an excuse to head for the cheese section of Central Market now.

And go ahead and pick up that bottle or two of wine you were eying…seriously.