The San Francisco Treat!

Hello again guys! Apparently I instated a mini-break, as the Brits call it, from the blog and, coincidentally, my brain. I’ve started drinking coffee again, and it has thus ended said mini-break.

Which is a good thing. There may or may not have been moments where I was caught in a “wicked” blank stare. We’ll call this allergies, but I think we all know it was lack of caffeine. Sleep. Exercise. What have you.

Anyway, I’m back! Promise! And now I’m off to San Francisco–so see ya!!

Just kidding. Not really though.

I AM going to San Fran tomorrow morning for a business trip (have I mentioned I love my job?) but I’ll be back Wednesday night. It’s going to be too short, but beggars can’t be choosers and I’m going to pack as much in as possible.

I owe you several items…of that I am well aware. And I’m hoping that I can knock a few of those out before Labor Day Weekend because then I will most likely have even MORE to update you on.

I’m headed to Austin for the first Texas game of the season! HOOK ‘EM HORNS!!

We’re also going to see how well Libby can do on her points while combining them with drinking. (It turned out to be a slight *read total* disaster on Friday night resulting in a bed time of 11:50pm.) It’s a tricky balance, but luckily my dear friend Almond will be with me!!

I have a feeling this is actually a recipe for disaster, but I’m so excited about it!! I also have a feeling that Almond’s Brit will have a hot mess on his hands.

So like I said, I’ll get crackin’ on the Saved By The Bell bday party pics (those that can be displayed without losing me friends and/or dignity) as soon as I get back from SF and will hopefully have a few fun pics from that trip to add, as well!!

I’ll for sure be hitting up H&M…do you have any favorite places to visit in San Francisco? Let me know and I’ll try to make it there with the trusty Canon.

For now, viva la vida folks.

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