On a Rainy Day You’ll Always Have Pearl

Every now and then I actually have a bad day.

Did I mention that sometimes every now and then happens a little more often than I’m letting on? Well, it does. Occasionally.

And when it does, I treat myself to a dose of Pearl. (Warning…earmuff your young’ns.)

There’s just something about Will Ferrell & Baby Pearl that puts a smile on my face every single time.

Oh yeah. It’s because the baby is his landlord. And she’s tough as nails. And she trails off on pretty much all of her lines. This is comedy people.

Plan and simple.

And if you’re having an especially bad day, you can check out the outtakes…because it will send you down in stitches.

Or try Pearl as a cop in “Good Cop, Baby Cop.” It’s classic. It’s also Pearl’s last appearance in online film.

Side note: Funny or Die is a hilarious site lead by Mr. Will Ferrell and a few other buddies. I really only watch the celebrity spoofs…but they’ll keep you coming back for more. Your rainy day remedy.

Just remember that “Pearl” of wisdom next time you’re having a bad day. I promise it will cheer you up.

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